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The finale for Earth’s inhabitants

Eduardo Calderon|News EditorBased off supernatural events, junior Avery Smith is dreading December 21st, 2012, the date that the Mayan calendar is expected to end it’s 5125 year streak. The date will be reset to, based off advanced astronomical knowledge collected by ancient Mayans many wonder if the world will end along with the calendar.

“The Mayan’s, [their] calendar is ending, it marks the end of days,” Smith said, “They’re coming.”

The Mayan Calendar ended on December 21, 2012, which some believe predicts the ending of the world.

There are many prophecies to how the world will end, some from natural catastrophes to mystical beings.

One prediction states that a rogue planet will make it’s orbit around earth causing a gravitational pull capable of destroying earth.  Another prediction states that there are inhabitants on this planet, that will come to dominate and control mankind.

Some students feel that this prophecy will bring no change.

“For thousands of years there have been prediction that the world would end like Y2K, but it never happens,” Biegger said.

Some feel that since the calendar ends abruptly so will existence as we know it.

“The Mayan’s had a calendar that ends on December 21st, 2012 and was not continued after they were conquered by the Europeans,” History teacher Mark Valderrama said, “Since it ends on that date some believe that civilization is ending.”

There are some technicalities that could present a problem for the calendar.

“The prediction comes from the Mayan calendar which is right about a lot of things, but did not account for the leap year, so technically it already passed for the calendar, which is in 2013 now,” Biegger said.

Many people feel that being informed will help combat the apocalypse.

“Nothing will happen that day, and people believe in the  apocalypse [because they’re] not educated,” Valderrama said.

Out of all the supernatural phenomenon to occur, some feel that a neighbor will be our demise.

“Aliens will come and abduct us all [and] make us our slaves because there are 20 billion planets that can support life in our universe,” Biegger said.

Although such predictions have claimed that the world will end, some see it as a new time period for humanity.

“If you’re going by what the Mayans believe, it’s a new era in their calendar,” senior Nicolas Passons said, “Every 300 years a new era in the calendar occurs, we’re moving from the third to the fourth era.”

Each era symbolizes something unique about the human race at that time.

“The first era symbolizes the need for survival, the second is the enlightened era where writing and communication began,” Passons said, “The third era symbolizes power, like our gain of nuclear missiles, and the fourth symbolizes peace, love, and unity.”

The Mayans’ calendar had several phases that sets on a familiar date.

Over a 394 year period, a bak’tun occurs in the Mayan calendar with a total of 13 bak’tuns listed in the calendar.  Due to the last bak’tun set to occur on December 21st, 2012, many feel that the calendar accurately predicts the end of existence.

Before any mystical or extraordinary event occurs, mankind may be the destroyer of worlds beforehand.

“War [will be the downfall], because there are ridiculous people in charge with weapons capable of annihilating the world multiple times over,” Passons said.

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    BrandonJan 11, 2013 at 10:30 am

    Doomsday prophecies and ideas are always interesting. Every civilization has or had their own sort of end-of-days scenario. Judgement Day, Ragnorök, etc. It’s almost like people want the world to end, because apparently life is bad.

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The finale for Earth’s inhabitants