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Why did I wear that?

It’s hard to believe that this lively trend was once roaming the earth.

Lexi Rosas|staff writer

Very few things are more horrifying than a past yearbook picture. For our parents it may be the wild mop of hair that resulted from a perm and bright blue eyeshadow. For us it may be the Aeropostale tee that accompanies the overly straight hair and shining braces. Whatever it is, it always leads us to the age old question, “Why did I wear that?”

Sometimes these fashion flukes are more than a few bad wardrobe choices, and are in fact full phases; months and years of our lives that are forever stained by the poor judgement.

“In sixth and seventh grade there were these jeans that I had that had stars sewn onto the back pockets, and then I got the shirt from Hollywood that was black and said Hollywood in white, and then I had a pair of black converse. I had the typical side bangs that went across my face. I also dyed a streak of my hair red over one summer,” sophomore Emily Rodriguez said, “My overall appearance was scary…I felt like I was an emo little girl.”

Change is never easy, and it is usually set into motion with a biting slap in the face by reality.

“My fashion sense didn’t change until I left private school and caught a glimpse of the real world,” Rodriguez said, “I started clipping back my bangs so you could see my face and then I started changing more.”

Despite the attempts we make to improve our style over time, we never can eliminate the darkness of the past.

“I am afraid for people to see old pictures of me. There aren’t very many pictures of me then. My mom wasn’t very proud of that time either,” Rodriguez said.

While some are hiding behind straight bangs, others feel as though they are conquering the world in their dearest outfits.

“My favorite shirt of all time was a red Hawaiian shirt with yellow flowers. I always wore it on picture day…with gym shorts, to make it worse,” sophomore Max Barker said ,“I felt like a boss when I wore it.”

Fitting in is important, and that may often mean pursuing trends, despite your better judgement.

“There’s this dress, that is probably still hanging in my closet, that had this big ugly floral print on it. It was puke green and dark orange tones and I really don’t know why I bought it. I thought big prints like that were in at the end of eighth grade. This also came in with the tribal print I hate so much, but tried to like at first,” sophomore Lexi Wilson said.

At every point in our lives we have that one thing-that piece of clothing that we can’t get enough of, despite the fact that everyone around us is cracking jokes at our expense.

“It was the only sweatshirt I ever loved. It made me feel like a t-rex,” junior Chase Allen said, “People thought I was weird when I said ‘rawr’…they told me to grow up…I was 14 at the time.”

Finally, there are those people who will never see the error of their ways. They are blissfully ignorant of their wrongdoings.

“My favorite outfit is my brown outfit it consists of a brown polo shirt, brown belt, brown pants, and brown shoes,” history teacher Justin Felux said, “It makes me feel extremely coordinated. The fact that every piece of the outfit is brown allows me to feel entirely coordinated.”

However much we may love our style today, there will more than likely a moment, when we come across a picture of our past selves and cringe. We should all come to envy those who are able to ignore the one’s around him who try to put them down, like Felux.

“Kids often say that it makes me  look like the UPS man, and I tell them that that’s great, because I am about to deliver some serious education to them,” Felux said, “I think it looks fabulous.”

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Why did I wear that?