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Jag takes cycling hobby to a higher level


by Mac Paquette | sports writer

Hector enjoys pushing himself to succeed while cycling.

Hector Morales-Garza participates in a unique sport which takes tremendous amounts of training and focus, and this sport doesn’t require him to hit, catch, or throw a ball.  Instead Hector’s sport requires him to race across miles and miles of countryside, city, or neighborhoods.

“I began cycling when I was 11 years old. My dad was my main influence to get me started into the sport, he had been cycling since he was young,” sophomore Hector Morales-Garza said.

Hector was introduced to the sport by his father, but found his first coach in Mexico to further his cycling experience.

“I met my coach in Mexico, he trained me then coached me to my first team, I couldn’t be more thankful for him. Although he is difficult, he teaches you how to be a better person in the long run,” Morales-Garza said.

Cycling for Hector started off as a fun hobby and a way to get out doors, but quickly turned into a competitive sport in which he excels in.

“I started competing when I was 13 years old. I had to about four months to train with my coach for my first race,” Morales-Garza said.

While being enjoyable and a way to partake in his favorite hobby, traveling for the events and races can be difficult.

“The longest I have had to travel for a race was about a 17 hour trip, it was very boring but being able to race is worth it,” Morales-Garza said.

Hector, like many student athletes across Johnson high school have a very strenuous practice schedule, however Hector’s requires more than the average workload throughout the week.

“I practice with my team everyday except Monday, practices are usually quite difficult but it proves to be helpful in the end when you see your success,” Morales-Garza said.

The races that Hector competes in have been across Texas, with the type of race varying from race to race.

“Most of my races are in either Austin or Dallas.  The races are either timed races, in which you have a certain amount of time to complete a stage, or they are just straight distance based races, where you finish based on what order you cross the finish line,” Morales-Garza said.

Through competing in the sport for several years, and with races just about every weekend, Hector has been able to experience many different racing atmospheres and events.

“The longest race I have been in was 80 miles. It was very tiring but a good experience to prepare me for similar types of races in the future of my career,” Morales-Garza said.

Hector has not been living in San Antonio for a very long time, but that did not stop him from finding a way to his favorite sport.

“I have been racing with my current team here in San Antonio for about four months now, we have ten people on our team and the ages vary from adults to children younger than me, overall so far it has been a very positive experience,” Morales-Garza said.

Not only does Hector compete almost every weekend, he’s also very successful.

“My best finish was first, last season I was fortunate enough to place first four times,” Morales-Garza said.

While only a sophomore in high school, it has been made clear that Hector is becoming a force to be reckoned with in his sport locally, and continues to bring positivity and success to Johnson high school.

“I am extremely happy with my results and I am also enjoying myself while I am able to compete in the sport that I love, however I know I have to continue to get better and I will always strive to be the best that I can be,” Morales-Garza said.

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Jag takes cycling hobby to a higher level