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Jags reflect on their own holiday traditions


by Gloria Cueva | Staff Writer

We are all use to seeing those Christmas traditions of hanging up ornaments on the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, and getting no sleep on Christmas Eve because we know that waiting underneath the tree for us is beautifully wrapped gifts, but what about those weird or treasured Christmas traditions not everyone does?

“My family and I go to Guam every Christmas, because that’s where I’m from,” said Junior Alex Pimental

Guam is always been a treasured Christmas tradition to Pimental.

“It’s always fun to see my family, and even though Guam is insanely small it’s always fun for a change of scenery,” said Pimental.

Pimental’s tradition is not only treasured, but also a little weird.

“My birthday is on Christmas, so every year for my birthday and Christmas I’m in Guam. Every year,” said Pimental. “It’s pretty cool. My family alway tells me Merry Birthmas. It’s pretty funny.”

Junior Alyssa Huerta also has her share of treasured traditions.

“My family is the host of our annual Christmas party, and we play this game where we hide an ornament at the beginning of night, and whoever finds it by the end of the night gets a prize,” said Huerta.

The game is something everyone looks forward to in her family.

“My family is so excited for the game every year,” said Huerta “The first question everyone ask is where did you hide it? Where?”

Her family may take this tradition a little too seriously.

“My family literally demolishes the house all through the night. It’s fun to watch because usually the gifts are really small and not that amazing, but everyone tries so hard to find the ornament,” said Huerta

Nevertheless Huerta will always enjoy this tradition.

“Everyone might get a little crazy, but it’s one of my favorite things about Christmas, and when it’s my turn to host these parties I’m going to keep the tradition going. It bring us together,” said Huerta

Senior Jada McWilliams, has her own family tradition she plans to keep going when she has a family of her own as well.

“Every year my family travels to Tennessee. I love it there. It’s totally country,” said McWilliams.

McWilliams thinks Tennessee is made for her family.

“My family is from Tennessee which is one of the main reasons we visit, but Tennessee fits my family so perfectly. We have that country vibe about us,” said McWilliams. “We really don’t look like it, but we do.”

McWilliams Tennessee family makes this Christmas tradition her favorite one of all.

“My family is so amazing. They’re are really redneck. They do things totally unconventional. I’m always laughing when I’m with them. If I could I’d stay way past Christmas just to be with them,” said McWilliams

McWilliams has a deeper meaning of this tradition then just going to visit Tennessee.

“I think the reason I like to go to Tennessee isn’t necessarily that it’s so country. Even though that’s a major perk,” said McWilliams. “But it’s more of the fact that I get to see my crazy family. That’s why I love this tradition. My family,” said McWilliams.


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Jags reflect on their own holiday traditions