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Fashion faux pas: the do’s and don’t’s of dress code


by Emma Fitzhugh | news editor

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when every student seems to be in a perpetual state of exhaustion, often times a cross between senioritis and a desperate anticipation for summer. With this mentality, it is common for students to be more relaxed about the clothes they choose to wear to school, often times just throwing on whatever seems convenient. Below you can find a list of some of the common choices of attire that some students chose to wear, all of which violate the NEISD dress code policy.

1. Short shorts: While the description may seem redundant, these shorts are no joke. While I think we can all respect the fact that it can get pretty hot outside, these shorts seem to question the definition of “modest” a little bit. If “modest” shorts comply with the “fingertip” rule (if that even applies here), that means that they are without a doubt school appropriate. Short shorts are about half the length of a normal pair of shorts, sometimes appearing as though they are slowly

Short shorts
This image was attached to an email Mehlbrech sent on April 28 regarding dress code. “Some of the attire is not appropriate for the school setting,” said Mehlbrech.

shrinking into a person’s waistline. If someone needs to go behind you and Lysol the seat where you were just sitting, your shorts are too short. With the material of these shorts ranging from lace to jean shorts to Nike shorts, it’s no wonder these are considered a violation of dress code. No one should see that much exposed skin. Ever.

2. Oversized T-shirts/Short shorts: Often times, if you’ve already committed to these extremely short shorts, an oversized t-shirt seems to be the perfect companion. Despite the fact that these two things are exact opposites, the fact that you’re wearing a shirt that’s at least one size too big, and which may or may not have a random design/image on it, seems to counteract the fact that we can no longer see your short shorts. Instead, we are left to stare at your gigantic shirt, and wonder how your shorts could have magically disappeared so quickly. Luckily, most guys don’t seem to wear that many oversized shirts, so no complaints there.

3. Ripped/Torn Jeans: Basically every high school student probably owns at least one pair of these. Whether it’s just a few minor tears, or there’s so many holes that both kneecaps are completely exposed, I genuinely wonder what is appealing about these jeans. In fact, depending on what store you buy your jeans at, you’re likely to find a pair of ripped jeans just waiting for someone to buy them. Then what? Are you supposed to just gradually continue to wear out that $20-30 you just spent? A few holes here and there, I understand- things happen. But if you’re attempting to pull these off as being ‘cool’, or the ‘I just don’t care anymore’ look, you should take another look at those ridiculously oversized, smelly sweatpants you’ll soon be changing into.

4. Tank tops:  These literally scream, “I’m ready for summer.” For both guys and girls, tank tops come in a variety of different patterns and designs, so they really do seem to be the perfect fit for a hot day. Unfortunately, these are also not allowed at school, unless for some reason the top complies with the “three finger” rule, according to the NEISD dress code policy. For girls, wearing a tank top either means you have officially run out of clean clothes, or you just don’t care if your bra and/or undershirt straps are clearly visible. Sometimes, students attempt to cover up the fact that they’re wearing a tank top by wearing a jacket over it, which completely defeats the purpose of wearing a tank top. If you do chose to wear one of these, try and find one that covers your entire stomach. Even if you have abs of steel, you’re more than likely going to get caught.

5. Hats: This might be the most overlooked dress code violation of them all. Students seem to be wearing these all the time now- in the hall, in the cafeteria, even in class. Words don’t seem to do justice to that feeling you get when you suddenly look up from your desk just to realize there’s a Snapback in your face. Not to mention that one kid that wears a beanie every single day. Plus, it’s hardly impossible to ignore the person who chose to wear a hat to school, which should really just say, “I have now made it impossible for you to see around me.” Basically, if you wear a hat, it is likely that either an administrator, teacher, or fellow student will ask you to take it off.

Should you wear that pair of extremely short shorts to school? Please don’t. Should you try and salvage that one pair of jeans that completely exposes both of your kneecaps? Definitely not. If you have any doubts or concerns about what you are considering wearing to school- trust your instincts, because whatever it is, it’s probably not school appropriate. No one wants to take that walk of shame down to the main office, try on an overused pair of sweatpants, then walk around all day knowing everything could have been avoided had you just worn more appropriate attire. For the sake of your fellow peers, and maintaining self-respect, it’s not worth it to get caught.


If you are interested in reading the NEISD Dress Code policy, click here.

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Fashion faux pas: the do’s and don’t’s of dress code