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New Apple Products hit-the-shelves


by Alyssa Pena | staff writer

It’s that time of year again; that’s right, Apple has just announced the release of brand new products that will arrive sometime later this fall. The products introduce stellar technology and never before seen gadgets including the ever-revolutionary Apple Pencil. The new products are set to hit the shelves of local Apple stores and phone carriers nationwide as early as September 25, and loyal Apple buyers are just itching to get their hands on them.

However, while some people are eager to take a selfie on the new iPhone 6s, others are not so welcoming of the products, especially Android users.

Jakob Bingle, 12
Senior Jakob Bingle is the proud owner of an Android.

“I just think it’s better to use an Android over an iPhone because you can do more with an Android compared to an iPhone,” senior Jakob Bingle said.

Now that the announcement has caused a buzz in the Apple community, the never-ending war between Apple and Android users has rekindled a spark in their arguments.

“In most aspects, I prefer Apple over Android because it feels a lot smoother to use, and the selfie game is pretty strong,” sophomore Sandra Moon said.

Since the new products are presented with hype and glamour, iPhone and even Android users are skeptical of all these new gizmos and how they will measure up to expectations.

They are kind of overused, or they seem over — uh, over-pushed if that makes sense. Over-presented,” Bingle said.

“Literally, the iPhone 6s is the same thing as the actual iPhone 6,” Moon said. “Like the 6 Plus and the 6, just normal 6, just like the color is different. Apple could like make anything new, and you would still have those kids who will always buy Apple no matter what, so they can make an iPhone 1 and sell it for a lot.”

And the Apple Pencil? Completely unnecessary.

“I mean it’s an Apple gimmick,” freshman Dylan Fernandez de Lara said.” People are still going to buy it. It’s like the iWatch: there’s some purposes but you don’t desperately need them.”

While Apple keeps churning out new innovations in technology, there are users who are still true to their original products.

“I own the original Apple IIGS computer,” substitute teacher Cherie Kocurek said. “It was signed by [Steve] Wozniak.”

Despite owning such an original piece of Apple history, Kocurek is not one to go out and buy a brand new phone that is grossly over priced. She still owns a Samsung flip phone herself. Shocking, isn’t it?

But she isn’t the only one opting for the classics. Senior Haley Watson has given up her iPhone for a flip phone for a very unique reason.

“I used to have an iPhone but about two weeks ago, I just got really tired of the way the Internet connected me all the time, and I was constantly on my phone,” Watson said. “I realized that the Internet wasn’t real life most of the time, so I wanted to get rid of my iPhone and get back to the real world.”

The complex and addictive qualities of the iPhone as well as the Android are not the only reason why customers rally for one product over the other. These techie goodies are extremely expensive; the iPhone 6s is set to sell up to $700

“I have a deep-seated anger — angst, about companies’ needs to price things beyond the ability of some people to reasonably afford,” Kocurek said.

Apple’s release of their new products is enough to fuel the ongoing argument between Android and Apple, but is it enough to spark a feud in a household divided by differences in technology?

“My family all have iPhones, so I’m the loner,” Watson said.

“I have two [Apple products]; an iPhone and an iPod. My dad has an iPad and an iMac, but my sister and my mom both have Androids. I wish there could be a phone like Apple plus Android mixed together,” Moon said.

Well, we’ll have to wait for the iPhone 7 to find out won’t we?

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New Apple Products hit-the-shelves