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Apr 15, 2024

Senior superlatives that need to graduate

by Lauren Holzmann | arts and entertainment editor

You stand in front of your bookshelf in desperate search of your yearbook from last year in hopes that it will help you nominate the deserving candidates for the annual senior superlatives (because you can’t remember the other 705 faces in your class). Four years in the making and you have finally gotten to the point where you are actually able to participate in senior traditions. It is so hard to believe that your time in grade school is almost over, yet you seem to be making the most of it, even if half these superlatives may need to graduate with the class of 2016:

Most Srat/Frat:

So first of all, what is this? I mean “most srat” and “most frat”. Come on, what is that supposed to mean- most sorority and most fraternity? This doesn’t even make any sense. First of all we aren’t in college so sororities and fraternities don’t exist in high school. It’s as if someone is trying to push us out the door before second semester even starts. This doesn’t even begin to make sense or maybe it does and I am just behind the times. Maybe the mindset of being a senior in high school is turning my mind into that of a senior citizen instead.

Best Eyes:

Unless you have a significant other, you pretty much have to dust off your yearbook and skim every person in there for someone whose eyes stick out amongst the sea of desperation trying to earn a senior superlative.

Most Attractive:

Am I the only one who thinks this is very demeaning and completely unnecessary? The people who win this superlative were probably picked because they convinced a large group of people to nominate them, regardless of whether the nominees actually agreed to what they were voting for. 

Worst Case of Senioritis:

This tends to be a category that some pride themselves on. For some, this “incurable disease” can feel like it comes on pretty early into your junior year if not earlier. This superlative tends to be for the student who just doesn’t care enough to show up to class and/or turn in their work when it’s actually due.

Cutest Couple:

Usually, this tends to be the couple that has been together the longest. It is also the couple that looks the cutest together and is the ultimate couple goals. They are the couple that everyone wants to be but yet, that idea is nothing but a dream. However, everyone knows that once the final results come out, the winning couple’s breakup is inevitable.

Best Friendship:

First of all, there is no way to go about this without one person sounding completely biased. If we are being perfectly honest, everyone is going to think that their friendship is the best because of specific memories and events that happened to these dynamic duos. In other words, this category is pretty much useless. High school is the place where friendships go to die.

Best Hair:

This is another one of those superlatives that you have to skim through your yearbook for. To be honest, several people at this school have pretty good hair so this is hands down probably one of the hardest categories to choose from. This is typically reserved for the girl with the longest/waviest locks, and the guy with the most gel-filled and celebrity styled hair.


While some may view these categories as ridiculous or unnecessary, others may feel as though these superlatives are just another way to commemorate their senior year. Only time will tell how long these superlatives will last, however.


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Senior superlatives that need to graduate