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Do’s and Dont’s of flying


by Aleeha Shah | staff writer

As people begin booking flights for holiday vacations, college visits, and more, it is important to know some proper airplane etiquette. They can find themselves in different situations and they need to know how to deal with them properly.  So before you stress, grab a cup of tea or coffee (depending on what you prefer), and read some of these tips for flying.

Packing & Pre-flight:

Do: Pack in advance- If you wait until the night before, or even the day of the event to start this process, there is a greater chance that you will forget something. The more you scramble, the more likely you will regret it later once you reach your destination and that panic feeling starts to set in. To effectively pack, you should break up the task into individual parts. Three nights prior to the flight, pack all your clothes. Two nights prior, pack accessories and any products you might need. The night before pack chargers, and any devices you’re planning to take. Keep in mind the things the airline does not allow, so you don’t accidentally pack something you’ll just have to trash at the airport.

Don’t: Overpack- Don’t forget there is a weight limit on bags. Most of the time the bags are not to exceed 50 pounds. Make sure to only pack the necessities. Don’t pack too many clothes if you are planning on buying clothes when you reach your destination. If you really want to save space, you should wear your heaviest outfit on the plane. Another thing you can do is put stuff like chargers and devices on your carry on.

The morning of the flight:

Do: Be prepared- Wake up early so you have enough time to grab something to eat and get your stuff together. Since parking at the airport can be unpredictable, make sure you have confirmed with the person who’s picking you up the night before your flight to confirm your pick-up time and place. To be certain they will be on time, tell them to arrive about 30 minutes early. Get to the airport at least an hour before your departure time, so you have enough time to clear security and make it to your gate without having to rush.

Don’t: Stress- Going on a flight and getting things together can be very stressful. However, you must try to remain calm. If you stress about every little detail then you won’t get anything done and you’ll get on the nerves of everyone you are flying with. Stay calm and relaxed, and keep reminding yourself that stressing won’t get you anywhere.

Checking your bags:

Do: Make sure your bag is under the weight limit- There is nothing more annoying than having to stop in the middle of a crowded airport to empty things out of your bag. All those irritated looks given in your direction as you sit there trying to decide if you needed half of the clothes you decided to pack, or half as many accessories. One way to avoid the looks and inner judgement from people is to weigh your bag prior to coming to the airport. This will make sure your bag isn’t too heavy, which could cause you to have to throw some things away, or pay a fine if you cannot reduce the weight of the bag.

Don’t: Give the employee a hard time- The person working at the airport most likely does not want to be there, and if you have an early flight they definitely don’t want to be there. That being said, these people especially do not want to deal with annoying people and overweight bags. Your best bet is to just do as they say and refrain from being argumentative or disrespectful.

Airport security:

Do: Follow all the rules- Most of us have been to an airport before, and are therefore also aware that once you get to security there are certain procedures you have to follow. You are asked to remove wallets, shoes, belts, and other things as needed. It is important to be prepared for this process by having your ID and boarding pass handy, and removing all required items. The faster you do this, the faster you can get past security and to your gate.

Don’t: Complain- Prior to going on your flight, try to refrain from complaining about every little thing that you had to do while at the airport. All of the other passengers had to go through a similar ordeal, and no one wants to hear about your mini life-crisis. Complaining about how much you “hate flying” is not going to change anything. In the end you’re still going to have to go through all the procedures, and complaining about it won’t do anything but annoy people, and ruin the day.

Waiting at the gate and boarding:

Do: Wait patiently and board on time-  There is no doubt that sitting at the gate can be very boring, but it is something you have to do. I recommend bringing a device with movies on it to keep yourself entertained. You can also go grab yourself some food and maybe a magazine if you have time, but it is really important to manage your time wisely. When it finally comes time to board you don’t want to miss it, or have to rush to make it.

Don’t: Rush- I get it you’ve been waiting forever to get on the plane, and when it is finally time you’re ecstatic , however rushing will just stress you and everyone else. There are other people who also have to board, and they are thinking the same thing as you. Just relax because you will get on the plane, so you don’t need to rush to get in front of people or run to get in line first.

The plane ride:

Do: Be polite and considerate- The flight attendants are in the same position as the workers at the airport. Although they like flying, depending on when your flight is they may have already been on a flight. They also don’t need attitude, so be polite and cut them some slack. The people around you may also be really irritated. Sure, that baby that won’t stop crying is annoying, but chances are the baby’s mother is also annoyed and she probably feels much worse than you because she actually has to deal with the kid. So, your complaints won’t do anything but irritate her. In this situation, it is best to just put headphones in and ignore.

On the airplane, make sure to be considerate of those around you.
On the airplane, make sure to be considerate of those around you.

Don’t: Be annoying- Don’t be that person on the plane that ruins the entire ride for everyone. Stay to yourself, and be polite to everyone around you. Don’t be that person that hands out attitude like the flight attendant hand out drinks. The people don’t owe you anything, and they defiitely don’t deserve disrespect. Also don’t be that person that goes to the bathroom one hundred times for no reason. That just annoys the people around you. Overall be kind, and stay to yourself, (with occasional small talk with the people next to you).

The trip:

Do: Enjoy yourself:  Don’t stress about the things still waiting for you at home. Clear your mind of worries and enjoy your time. Go exploring, or watch a movie. Do something fun. It’s a vacation so do whatever you want and have fun while doing it. Your to do list can wait, your fun can’t.

Don’t: Sit in a hotel room all day- You’re on vacation, get out and do something! There is plenty of time for you to sleep or watch movies when you’re not on vacation. Get up early, and go somewhere. Make time to go to that really cool art museum, or to go to a play. Vacations aren’t all year round so make the most of it, and don’t waste your time sleeping, or on devices. The more you leave the hotel room, the mor fun you will have, so make the most of it and go exploring.

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Do’s and Dont’s of flying