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New In-N-Out Burger coming to TPC and 281 north


By Elijah Johns| staff writer

Whataburger is going to start facing stiff competition as of early 2017 from San Antonio’s third In-N-Out Burger and the first in the north east side. With Whataburger only being 4 minute drive from the new In-N-Out location, it is going to be an intense competition for the go-to meal after football games.

The love for Whataburger is deep rooted in Texas culture.

“I prefer Whataburger. It’s mainly because it’s what I grew up on and it’s good, a lot better than Mcdonalds. I’ve had an In-N-Out and it’s not bad, don’t get me wrong it’s not bad,” head athletic trainer Doc Moore said. “It reminds me of a Five Guys type of burger, it’s quick, compacted, small while Whataburger is bigger and more enjoyable.”

Every school has a restaurant that they go to after football games and it is hard to break a habit.

“I think it could if people gave it the chance, but it is our thing to go to Whataburger after the games so it most likely won’t change,” senior Molly Murphy said.

Since the opening of Johnson in 2008, Whataburger has been the favorite for after-game meals.

“I don’t think so it can be replaced. There is something about the whole Texas and Whataburger and Texas football that is too normal for everyone to change,” senior Reilly Hanson said.

Not only is the Whataburger tradition for the students, but also for the football coaches.

“That started out back in 2002, it was down the street. We had Whataburger, McDonalds, Arby’s, Subway, we had all these restaurants, but we chose Whataburger,” Moore said. “It was filling, and lasted us through the whole day. It was also reasonably priced and really good. It just became a tradition for us.”

In April of 2015, Whataburger filmed a commercial that featured the football coaches doing their favorite pre-game ritual.

“The district forwarded an email from Whataburger that they sent out to everyone. They were looking for interesting stories about Whataburger for a commercial. We sent them our tradition and the picked us,” Moore said. “We went in for a few interviews and we got the spot. They had us re enact our before game ritual, they filmed the game day order and the delivery and everything.”

Everyone around campus feels strong about the bond that they have to Whataburger. It is almost superstitious.

“As a football tradition, what did we eat before the last game [Roosevelt]? Whataburger. And how did that game end up? It was an amazing win. So I’m gonna stick to what we’re doing,” assistant principal Sean Reno said.

Props to In-N-Out to expanding their business to the Lone Star state, but Whataburger is here to stay, according to Reno.

“If we were to play a football game in California, maybe I would eat In-N-Out. Since we’re in Texas, Whataburger is the choice. For me Whataburger is like Spurs vs Lakers, clearly the Spurs. It’s like Texas and US, the answer is always Texas,” Reno said. “If it’s Whataburger and In-N-Out, using that simple mathematical formula, I’m going Whataburger.”

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New In-N-Out Burger coming to TPC and 281 north