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The moment my “good kid” status changed

As my friends enjoyed their pizza, I ate the food my mom packed while anxiously checking my phone.

by Caitlin Blackmon | feature editor

Ever wondered what it would be like to try and sneak off campus? Well I tried it, and this is an account of what exactly happened.

It was a day like any other. I was minding my own business, trying to avoid anything that may make the long week more complicated. As lunchtime approached, my friends began to fantasize about all the food just out of our reach, since this is a closed campus. I, for the record, avoided this subject at all costs, since I knew the rules are being strictly enforced this year. My friends are relentless though, and soon I found myself behind the wheel. Now, I would never use this excuse when explaining the situation to an authority, but it really was their fault. Enough on that though. Soon, we had made it off campus (by what seemed like a miracle, but later just proved to be reckless driving). We went to Mod pizza, where I nervously watched the time on my phone while I chowed down on the food I had packed myself the night before. When we returned, we were met by some unpleasant faces. Turns out, the cops really do stop you when approaching the student parking lot during school hours- especially when you’re speeding. We were each given Saturday morning detention, and I had my parking permit suspended, which my mom was not too thrilled about. The consequences were definitely not worth the food that I didn’t even eat since I brought my lunchbox.

There’s always talk around school about sneaking off campus to grab during the lunch period. Whether this be Sonic, Chick-fil-a, or Whataburger, leaving campus before the day ends is strictly prohibited. It’s probably in your best interest to just follow the rules, unless you enjoy riding the bus as a senior and waking up Saturday morning to your weekday alarm that you can’t just turn off. Even if you don’t think you deserve the punishment (ahemmmm), you do the crime, you do the time. Especially if you’re a goodie-goodie and this was your first time getting in trouble at school and would prefer to graduate.

Update: I got my parking permit back and served Saturday detention. Not having my car at school was worse than I thought. I couldn’t just come or leave school on my own- I had to make thorough arrangements. Riding the bus as a senior is as uncool as it sounds, and even more so when you’ve never had to take the bus. Detention was also unfortunate, but they played “Field of Dreams” so it wasn’t too bad.

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  • E

    Emma FitzhughMar 13, 2017 at 12:12 pm

    This is an awesome story! I’m sorry about the consequences of your adventure though

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The moment my “good kid” status changed