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Binge worthy shows for summer past time

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by Aleeha Shah | news editor

After many sleepless nights and endless hours spent on last minute homework, the time has finally come to throw your backpack into a dark storage closet (or in some cases into a trash bin) and never look at it again, well at least for the next three months. While some people get a summer job to pass time, others just plan on staying in and watching shows on their laptop. If you find yourself in that position, here are a few shows to binge watch.

The Fosters

This show, which began in 2013, follows a teenager named Callie and her life in foster care. Her and her brother are fostered by two women named Stef and Lena. Their blend of adoptive, biological, and foster kids allows for an emotional and dramatic story line. Following the motto “DNA doesn’t make family, love does,” the show does a good job showing family values while also making it entertaining to viewers. The diverse cast challenges traditional views of family and reinforces a modern idea of unity.


This show began its first season in 2005 and follows two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, as they travel across the country hunting the supernatural. As they encounter different species of supernatural, their lives become tangled up in it and it creates a lot of drama between the two. Filled with thriller and adventure, this show is guaranteed to keep your attention. (At least it did for me.) It isn’t that scary, but the experience is still better with a good snack and the lights turned off.

The Originals

This Vampire Diaries spin off first aired in 2013. It follows the original family first introduced in the Vampire Diaries. In the series, the original family returns to their hometown of New Orleans and attempt to reclaim their power. However, this proves to be a challenging quest as the city’s witches, werewolves, vampires, and new leader don’t want them to stay there. With all the resisting, it makes for a dramatic ride and it is super entertaining to watch.

Switched at Birth

This family show began back in 2011 and just recently wrapped up its fifth season, the last of them. The show follows two teenage girls who were switched at birth. When they find out what happened, the two families of the girls unite and work together to raise both the girls. Even though they are not technically family, the two girls live as sisters and sacrifice a lot for each other. This emotional series is a great show to watch in your spare time and, since it is completed, you won’t have to wait for the next season to be released on Netflix.


Though the name may be misleading, this 2015 show is surprisingly good. The show follows a medical resident turned zombie who uses her new powers to assist the police in investigation. At first viewers believed that it would be just another cliche drama that repeats the same storyline, however it has proven to be just the opposite. This show draws in viewers quick and keeps them wanting more. The cast and crew make sure the show is original and enticing and it’s working to keep viewers so far!

The Flash

First airing in 2014, this show has proven to be a hit among many people. The storyline follows a man named Barry Allen who is struck by lightning. Upon waking from his coma, he discovers that he has been given the power of superspeed. Nicknamed “The Flash,” Allen uses his new abilities to fight crime in his city. For most viewers, this DC live action series has proved to be a great show that is a fun watch and can add drama without being too extra. This is a great option for anyone who enjoys superhero comics.

Criminal minds

This series aired its first episode back in 2005 and has grabbed many viewers since. The main characters of this show are FBI profilers who travel across the country analyzing and capturing serial killers. Based on their observations, they put together a profile for the serial killer and use this information to track them down. What makes it so appealing and addicting is the way they put these profiles together and are able to predict their next moves before they take another victim. These agents work endlessly to try and make the country safer, however sometimes it takes a toll on their personal lives. Viewers are able to see this too, showing the reality that a high profile job brings. Although some people may believe that all crime related tv shows are the same, this one is stands out because of the various plot lines and the lovable characters.


First starting in 2015, this series has become a hit for many. The plot follows a CEO and founder of a successful record label, Lucious, as he chooses which of his three sons he wants to pass on his title too. His ex wife Cookie, meanwhile, gets out of prison and plots to reclaim what was once hers while also trying to hold her family together. This series is a dramatic and emotional roller coaster. It uses its platform to discuss issues that today’s society faces such as dysfunctional families and fame. It is a story that focuses on love, family, and music and does a good job showing how they are connected and what they can do to a person. With a strong plot and message, it has many adorers. Unfortunately, unlike the other shows on this list, Empire is not on Netflix. It can, however, be streamed on Hulu.

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Binge worthy shows for summer past time