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Senior starts own clothing line

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By Victoria Ramirez | Staff Writer

While dealing with school, homework, and a part-time job, senior Jesse Tran has found time to make his dream come true by creating his very own clothing line.

“My name is Jesse Tran, I am 17 years old and I have created a clothing brand,” Tran said.

Tran has always been interested in both business and fashion. Combining these interests, Tran launched his clothing line. 

“I have been very passionate about business all my life, I love fashion and everytime I buy clothes I really don’t like what is out there in the market right now, so I have taken my entrepreneurial mind and I just decided to make my own clothes instead and turn it into a business,” Tran said.

Many things go into starting up a business. An idea, materials, funding, and advertising all have to be in place. While some may see age as a hurdle, according to Tran it’s up to the individual.

“I really don’t see age as a factor for anything I just see it as mind set and how mature someone is. If someone has the mindset that they can do it and their informed enough on how they can do it, then they can do whatever they want,” Tran said.

Looking at a product, the time, money, and effort that went into it is not always thought about. While adults can get loans to startup a business, teenagers normally have to either get creative or get working.

“Money wise, I funded the whole thing myself, which was really hard starting it because I only have a part time job and it took  around $1000 to start it and lift it off the ground. I have honestly put in countless hours,” Tran said.

The inspiration to Tran’s brand was found within his own culture and that of those around him.

“Growing up I have been thought to be an open thinker and what that has done for me is introduced me to multiple cultures. For example on my shirt it is Japanese letters and I am not Japanese, I am actually Vietnamese, but when I do my designs I want to take it from every single culture and implement it into a t-shirt, so for now I am doing Japan and maybe the next collection will be a different region of the world and learn about it and maybe we can make some really cool shirt design for it,” Tran said.

Tran was encouraged by his girlfriend to rise to his potential and chase his dream.

“I first thought of this idea- I don’t really know when- but I have always talked about my girlfriend about it and she was the one who finally pushed me to start it and I really do thank her for that. She doesn’t get enough credit for it, because she really deserves a lot more credit than she gets and it actually didn’t take no more than a couple of weeks,” Tran said.

Looking to the future, Tran plans to continue his line and attempt to expand if the offer presents itself.

“I really do want to expand my line, if I do ever decide to expand my line I would like to make a deal with Pacsun or something, just in the future because I am really not sure but I just really need to focus on right now,” Tran said.

Currently, Tran has had luck with his peers supporting his business by their purchases.

“As of now I am only selling around school, later on it will be available online for everyone to purchase but for now it’s only around the school,” Tran said. “For now since I had such a limited capital I  can only do shirts but if this successful I do want to expand to hoodies, windbreakers and other jackets.”

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Senior starts own clothing line