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YouTube channels to help you forget about finals


by Emma Fischer | staff writer

With the end of the year approaching, sometimes stress can be, well, stressful. Here are some fun channels on youtube to watch when you need to simply wind down.

Lucas the Spider

Most people don’t like spiders. Most people kill them on sight. Lucas the Spider was created to show people that not all spiders are scary creatures. With his huge eyes and voice that sounds like a little kid, a spider becomes adorable. Lucas the spider is voiced by the creator’s nephew, whose name is Lucas. They are adorable thirty-second clips that leave a smile on my face–I love Lucas. Click here for a link!

True Facts

Although documentaries can be boring or long, True Facts is a fun way to learn about animals. Some videos do use profanity(some more than others)but they are five-minute long videos about certain animals, like the chameleon. I found out that they change color on their mood, not because of their surroundings. All the facts are true, but are explained in a way that they become amusing. The information is remembered because of the way it is displayed. Click here for a link!

Honest Trailers

These videos are just entertaining reviews on movies. They become trailers that say what the movie is really about and points out things in the film that make no sense, or say nonsense. The laughing reaction decreases stress and allows me to relax. Click here for the link!


Ever furious about a movie ending? Do you ever wish it would end a different way? This is the channel for you. Through decent animation, it can turn endings that everyone hated to the endings they loved. They bring up important points of movies that make no sense and laugh at that in the end. Like in Wonder Woman(if you haven’t seen the movie you should watch it and don’t read on because of spoilers) her love interest dies. In the video, she takes out the plane by using her invisible plane in the comics, which ends up saving his life. HISHE stands for How It Should Have Ended. For amusing videos, click here!


Saturday Night Live explores everything from government to teenagers not being able to drive in short, cute skits. Sit down for about five minutes and watch your favorite actors and actresses work with comedians to address hundreds of problems. Some skits are just plain nonsense, but that also makes them funny. Click here!

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YouTube channels to help you forget about finals