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Scandalous Shoulders

Emma Fischer| feature editor

Through many years, I have been told not to be a distraction, that I should cover my shoulders, my legs, my bra strap. Is it a surprise that I wear a bra? Is it a surprise that I am a female? Is it truly scandalous to know I wear a bra to begin with?

Oh my! I see your bra strap! Someone tell Victoria, because her secret is out!

There have been multiple incidents of girls being sent home because what they are wearing is too distracting. Is her education worth less than those around her? Especially to the males, who are said to be the ones distracted?

Alright, listen here. In the US Constitution, it states that all men and women are created equal. Since March 22, 1972, the Nineteenth Amendment was passed, which stated that all men and women are created equally. Why do we act like this is not the case? It has been more than 45 years since that was passed and yet, people sometimes act like it was never passed at all. Is a man’s education truly worth more than a woman’s?

Males are easy to distract? It is their choice to be distracted. It doesn’t matter if our shoulder is exposed, or if they see a bra strap. Even if those things were hidden, they’d find something to stare at.

How is it a girl’s responsibility to make sure their outfit is not distracting to the opposite sex or anyone in general? We push for confidence to strive in the world, and yet, when an outfit that displays confidence is worn, they are shunned upon.

Now, I will say that there are limits to what you should be allowed to wear. Don’t show up to school with booty shorts, crop tops that come up to the bra. Do not show up to school with things that are exposing to those things that normal society today desires you to cover up. For boys, yes, you wear inappropriate things, too. Don’t show up to school with shirts with sleeve holes that go down to your hips, where if anyone even glanced to the side, they could see the inside of your shirt. How is that not looked down upon on, but wearing a crop top that barely exposes the stomach is? How is it that boys can get away with short shorts and girls are told they have to change? This ridiculous sexual stereotype needs to stop. The way we stop it is by being open minded

We can’t be open minded if we make new ideas hide.

How is it fair that girls are limited more in their dress code than boys? I question why these rules were put in place. Shouldn’t both of the sexes have an equal number of limits?

Maybe we should raise our males, tell them that the women should be respected the same way. I’m not saying that all men are disrespectful, but for those who were taught otherwise, change. There are no many problems facing the world today; domestic violence, sexual harassment, racism, sexisim. Many of these problems would be solved if the society believed that half of our species was equal to the other.

Just like Emma Watson said, “How can we affect change in the world when only half of it is invited or feel welcomed to participate in the conversation?”

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Scandalous Shoulders