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Call of Duty strikes again

by Eduardo Calderon | Staff Writer

On November 9th, millions of video game players added Activision’s latest to their gaming arsenal as Call of Duty celebrated the arrival of its most recent installment: Black Ops. The popular brand has made a name for itself amongst gamers with an amazing multiplayer interface and a solid campaign format that keeps players coming back for more. Fans know Call of Duty as the superior breed in a sea of mediocre shooters.

“It’s more realistic in graphics, weapons, and terrain compared to other first-person shooters,” sophomore Ryan Stone said.

The series boasts impressive visual effects.

“Call of Duty games are on another level compared to other first person shooters because of the addictive multiplayer modes and the ‘prestiges’,” junior Maximilian Salmeron said.

“[There’s] better stuff than Modern Warfare 2,” sophomore Caleb Stockton said, comparing the most recent game to its equally successful prequel.

Players quickly identified new items that Black Ops brought to the table.

“You get better scopes, better weapons, more gametypes, and better graphics,” sophomore Chase Winton said.

For the less COD-savvy, the game made a point of sketching out prior events, improving the overall narrative.

“It has an amazing story mode, because you are reliving the events of the main character’s past,” Stone said.

More experienced players are also feeling the love from their endeared franchise.

“It’s less noob-friendly, there are no more noob perks,” Salmeron said. For the uninitiated, a ‘noob’ is one unfamiliar with a game; a newcomer.

As the Black Ops buzz grows, Modern Warfare 2 has begun to lose its popularity within the student body.

“It’s because Modern Warfare 2 is getting old, and Black Ops is better,” freshman Josh Alarcon said. “[It has] customization, and better online play.”

“It’s the best Call of Duty game ever,” Winton said. “It’s the best game ever.”

Considering its appeal, it comes as no surprise that students spend untold hours on the game.

“I switch between playing wager matches, player matches, and Nazi Zombie matches so I don’t get bored, and I get a variety of games,” Salmeron said.

“Its not like any other game,” Winton said. “You never get bored. Time just goes by [when you play].”

The Call of Duty series has become the foundation for what all first-person shooters should strive to be; a fact fans are well aware of.

“Call of Duty is the base of everything,” Winton said, “People are used to Call of Duty. Other shooter games are too complicated.”

However, even a great series can improve. Activision’s latest and greatest creation is all the proof required.

“Black Ops is flawless,” Winton said, “It’s Modern Warfare 2, perfected.”

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Call of Duty strikes again