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What to do when Single on Valentines Day

Students across campus celebrate Valentine’s day, and teachers must put up with it every year.

by David Kent | staff writer

Valentine’s Day is the annual celebration of romance and romantic love, this honoring of romantic devotion to loved others is commemorated on Feb. 14. During this one-day event, cherished romantic relationships are celebrated and renewed in the spirit of love. However, not everyone on St. Valentine’s Day celebrates the love of of significant loved ones.

Valentine’s is always celebrated as some mushy-gushy celebration of love, while, in reality, it is just some made-up holiday for companies to make money off of the affection people have for one another. Take this from someone who isn’t in a relationship at the moment, Saint Valentine’s Day is more of a commercial ploy than anything else. Despite this claim, however, Valentine’s Day is always the one time of year people can remember truly how alone they are.

There is nothing more depressing (and as fun) as being single on Valentine’s Day. When you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to spend money on anyone…except for yourself. The sadness that comes with being alone can be replaced with the gladness of friends and family members, however. Nothing is better than spending money on yourself and doing what you want without the restrictions of a significant other to hold you down!


1.) Single’s Party

What is better than being single on Valentine’s Day, the supposed day of love? Being single with other single people, in short, a Single’s Party. Everyone will be able to make fun of those people who are wasting their time on Valentine’s Day with their significant other. A single’s party can involve any sort of activities ranging from movies, a party (duh), outdoor activities, and many other things. It’s more of an excuse to hang out with your friends who’re single than anything else.

2.) Movie Marathon

Being in a romantic relationship is fun and all, however, it’s more fun to do a…Movie Marathon! Doing a movie marathon is a much more efficient way of utilizing your time, resources, and money for a most profitable cause; the cause of watching countless movies. Watching anything from the Lord of the Rings trilogy (11 hours), to the Harry Potter saga (19 hours) will take up hours of your time with endless entertainment and joy. (Just don’t be on your phone while watching the movie!)

3.) Family Time

If all else fails, then spend time with your family. To spend time with your family is to grow closer closer to your loved ones. There’s nothing better than just sitting down and watching a movie with your family, or even just baking and cooking cookies with your family. When all else fails, when your friends fail you (or are not

single like you), your family will always be able to have your back.


Valentine’s Day does not have to be a time to be upset at life for not having a significant other to spend time with. The notion and idea that Valentine’s Day is only ‘for couples’ and ‘for significant others’ is a laughable premise, a marketing ploy, if you will. Saint Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day to celebrate the communal bond between friends and family members. It is supposed to be a time to celebrate the affection from family and friends alike.

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What to do when Single on Valentines Day