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Prepping for the AP exam

Studying has been the need for students these days with all the test and homework.

Lauryn Hughes | staff writer

AP testing is quickly approaching and students are trying to find ways to prepare and study in order to excel on their tests. Teachers are giving study method tools and practice exams to help students be prepared.

“Im taking the AP US History exam, the AP Spanish four literary exam, I’m taking the AP English exam, I think Im taking a few other ones but I don’t even remember,” junior Angelica Park said.

With three AP exams on her plate, time management will be key for Park in order to achieve success on her exams.

“I think I’m just going to go off, like I’m going to find [which] exams are first and I’m going to study those first then once I feel confident I’ll just move onto the next, but I don’t know because it’s a lot of them cause I’m taking five AP classes,” Park said.

Teachers have also been aiding students with practice questions and reviews help prepare students for the  AP exam.

“I’m going to go over all my reviews and all the units,” junior Olivia Mcneel said

Other students are taking a more elaborate approach to tackling these  AP exams.

“I’m going to try to utilize all the sources and all the different tools our teachers are going to give us, case I know for fact that they’re going to be going over certain things and also Mr. Cannon has done a good job especially in English and all the language arts,” Park said,” All the teacher are giving us really similar multiple choice questions and stuff like that, so I take those super seriously and I know of just going to go over, cause I know the SAT kinda has similar things, so I’m going to practice for the SAT as well and study for the AP exam.”

Another smart way to get ready for the exam is to consult teachers.

“Number one, I would consult with whoever your teacher is that’s connected to the exam I’m pretty sure that he or she, could help you out with that. The college board has many, many online practices you can do. I would actually start to practice yourself, and then bring that work to your teacher and have them work with you individually,” AP English teacher Mark Cannon said.

The most important thing is to take time to study before hand and not cram the night before the test.

“Don’t wait till the night before and try to study a bunch of stuff, because that won’t work. Study now so you can relax in the gym,” Cannon said

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Prepping for the AP exam