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New clubs introduced on campus


by Joseph Sweeney | staff writer

Students and teachers have come together to create the Art History and Bowling Clubs. 

“We tried to start it at the end of last year and it didn’t come together, but this year we are definitely gonna get it started. It is a new club, my plan is to kind of talk about any artists that we may not have studied in class or movements that people may want to learn a little bit more about it’s not just for people who are in art history, have taken art history, it’s really just people who are interested in learning more about art history,” Art History Club Sponsor Christine Dallahan said.

The Art History Club is intended for those already enrolled in the class, or those not enrolled who may still be interested in the subject. 

“I definitely want to open it up to anyone who is interested in art history. I mean, I think that for people who have art history, who are currently in the class, to them it’ll be beneficial cause we kinda go a little bit into some of the movements or the styles that we might just get to gloss over in class. But for people who haven’t taken art history and might be interested in it might be a good taste for them too, to see-you know-to kind of find what it’s all about and see what it’s like,” Dallahan said.

The Art History Club will be starting on the week of Oct 7 to 11, though curriculum is yet to be determined for the program.

“Really I’m gonna leave it up to the members-you know-what they want to talk about and what they want to study, I also want to partner with the local museum and see about the expositions that they have going on, so we can learn a little bit about those artists and then potentially a museum visit, so that we can actually view that artwork together,” Dallahan said.

The Johnson Bowling Club has also started up on its first official year.

“It was actually not my idea, it was Matthew Stroman, Caleb Coleman-the Bowling Club had already been in effect-in action it just couldn’t be an actual club cause it didn’t have many members, and so, last year, the coach of the Bowling Club is actually a parent, and so she was asking ‘hey, how do we get going’-it was two parents actually and the school told them ‘you need to have 20 members and then you can make it an official club, and so I kinda got lumped into it. They asked me and I said ‘hey I can help you advertise’ and low and behold I got pushed into the sponsor with Mr. Price, and so I went to one of the events and said ‘okay, this is kinda cool.’ I think more kids should know about it and be into it, and so that’s when I came out and started a conservative effort to try and get people-give them an option-to be a part of-to be with Johnson, and do bowling. I mean-why not? We’ve got bowling, we’ve got chess, we’ve got checkers, we got golf, we got tennis, we got bowling, why not bowling?” Bowling Club sponsor La Rhon Fields said. 

The Bowling Club is also intended for newcomers and experienced players alike, focusing on both fun and competition. 

“Everybody thinks ‘oh I’ve got to be an expert to bowl,’ you don’t, like I said, we do have a coach, you go, and the part of bowing you’ve got to understand is, if you only bowl once or twice a year, you can’t base it off that, like playing around. Going twice a week, you get better, quicker, cause now you know what technique to use. When we have some competition, your juices are flowing, and you’re more down and focused,” Fields said. 

The bowling season will be starting this Nov, and will encompass the NEISD schools of Macarthur, Churchill, and Madison, as well as the outside schools of Stelle, Clemmons, Wagner, and Judson. 

“We haven’t started the season yet, season normally kicks from Nov, it’s a long process right? So, it’s like swimming in a sense, there’s a district date, and I don’t know the date off the top of my head right now, and then it’s like whatever you want to do up to that date to qualify for districts. So some schools are starting this month, some started last month, to get practice in and just get ready for kickoffs for next year-for the 2020 season,” Fields said. 

Both clubs are meant to be great learning experiences intended for all students as ways to grow and develop, as well as meet new people.

“It is an awesome opportunity to be a part of something without having to feel like you have to be great at something. You will see growth, it is a great networking opportunity to meet new people on campus, and your still a Jag, you don’t have to feel isolated or different than anyone else,” Fields said.

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New clubs introduced on campus