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Class rings, preserving memories in a stone


by Emma Fischer | feature editor

The graduating class for 2021 just picked up their class rings, but not everyone got them. Although they are held with esteem and many parents have them, not all students will follow the footsteps of looped metal and stone.

“People might opt out of a class ring if they didn’t have a good experience in high school and don’t want to remember it or feel as if it wasn’t a significant part of their life,” junior Gabriella Rievera-Vega said. “They might also see it as a waste if they tend to lose small things really easily, or they might simply just not like wearing jewelry.”

College class rings are said to be more common in the adult population, including medical school class rings and graduating class rings from a specific school or program.

“I think both of my parents have one, but only my dad still wears his high school ring on a daily basis,” Rievera-Vega said.

Even with a class ring, Rievera-Vega doesn’t have the plan to also purchase a college class ring, after she has bought a high school ring.

“Depending on how much of an impact [college] has on my life, I might change my mind, but currently, high school and the people who have been a part of my life now has had a large impact on me,” Rievera-Vega said.

Even with expense and a potentially obnoxious ring, Rievera-Vega wanted a ring to wear after high school and remember things besides pictures and video. With something small, she’s able to recall those moments just by looking down at her hand.

“I wanted something to remember my experience in high school and most people either get a ring or a letterman. But in the future, like five years from now, I see myself more likely to wear a small piece of jewelry than a piece of clothing to remember high school,” Rievera-Vega said. “For instance, my dad and people in my family still wear their class rings, but you don’t really see any adults wearing their high school letterman’s.”

Much like a memory book, junior Alyssa Decker believes class rings are a symbol of memories earned throughout high school years.

“I recommend them because there are many different styles for everyone, and they are great to look back on your high school years later on. Kind of like a lettermans because not many people wear them after high school, but they still keep them to remember all the good memories,” Decker said. 

But there are other ways to look back on high school memories.

“I think it’s nice to have a class ring and a lot of people like them but you can find other, less expensive, things to remember your time in high school like yearbooks, photos, even keeping in touch with people after high school,” Decker said. “To look back on your high school years and remember all the important events and the friend you had and the memories you made with them while in high school.”

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Class rings, preserving memories in a stone