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Game offers another way to connect, even for those who are sus

Game offers another way to connect, even for those who are sus

by Karina Correa | staff writer

Among Us, an online multiplayer game where players in a space-themed setting take on one of the two roles, either a crewmate or an impostor, has newfound popularity fueled by people eager to connect, but still harboring their own suspicious attitudes.

I found this game on my recommended on my Apple Store and then I looked it up on YouTube and that’s when I got into the game,” sophomore Miguel Garcia said. “I found out about Among Us through friends and TikTok,” sophomore Ella Vo said.

The game has been on Steam and mobile since 2018. It got pretty trendy thanks to popular Streamers and TikTokers, even so, that the developer, Inner Sloth, has announced that Among Us 2 will be canceled because they will keep working to improve Among Us 1.

“I don’t mind the sequel being canceled, because if the developers are going to invest more time in the current game I don’t think it really matters in the end because they can always add new features and stuff to the current version,” sophomore Roman Villa said. “When I thought Among Us 2 was coming out I was like the first game is way too popular, why would they make another one,”  Miguel said.

According to, there are going to be three main things added to Among Us. Colorblind support so characters and tasks like wires can be identified by colorblind people, a friend system so you can keep in contact with players, and a new stage which will be a Henry Stickmin themed location!

I think a good strategy to help colorblind people would be to change the names of the crewmates to their color so, for example, if you want to be pink then change your name to pink so it would be easier for a colorblind people,” freshman Maribella Argaez said. “I think some sort of marking could be easily added to the wires and as far as the crewmates go, it would be a good idea to have the color of the player in parenthesis next to their name as well as some sort of colorblind mode similar to what some other games offer,” Roman said

I think it’s great that the developers want to add this support for colorblind people, I haven’t seen that many games with this feature.

A friend system would be cool because it would make joining other people leaps and bounds less frustrating,” Roman said. “What I think about a friend system is a good idea so that you and your friends don’t have to search up a code to join into their match and just get it by adding them,” Miguel said.

The friend system is needed as soon as possible, I’ve met nice people there but wasn’t able to get their socials, either because they had to leave, got disconnected, or got kicked out. Also, it’s a good idea so you can invite your friends to a game and it takes less time for everyone to join.

Two things I’d like to be added in Among Us would be more shade of colors cause there’s no slot to choose from and you think the pets should be free because not everyone’s parents let them spend money on an online game,” Argaez said. “…More maps and more tasks because the game just feels short to be a game like other phone games,” Miguel said. “I think they should have a color picker so we can choose what kind of color shade we want,” Ella said.

In my opinion, I don’t think the color picker can be that useful because people always mix up the colors, and then it would be a big problem, like,  if there’s a game with four types of dark green; and it’s more confusing if that person has a color for their name. That reminded me that one time someone had dark blue as their main and ‘cyan’ as their name, but then there was a cyan with ‘blue’ as their name, it was pretty confusing and funny how everyone in the chat was arguing because of a color.

“The funniest thing I experienced Among Us is when I was an imposter and killed someone in front of everyone by surprise and I didn’t get out of the match – it was blue who did,” Miguel said. “The funniest thing I experienced in the game was the time my friends and I all voted off one of my other friends just because she chose the color green,” Roman said.

One time I got voted out just because I was red, and apparently red is always ‘sus’. After seeing that most people in Among Us voted someone for how suspicious they were and their color, I just changed to white and cyan which are less ‘sus’ than the rest.

“Red, black, or blue is definitely the colors that are most sus,” Ella said. “The colors that always look sus is red because they always go after me and I always find out they are imposters,” Miguel said.

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Game offers another way to connect, even for those who are sus