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Tired of wasting time during spring break? Here’s a guide to actually make the most out of it this year

The halls remain empty long after spring break.

By Monica Smith | staff writer

The spring break that students once expected was fulfilled by the anticipated ringing of the 8th-period bell, papers flying high up in the air, races to the bus stop, and the relief of being free from due dates and headache-inducing classrooms for a week. But now, with Covid-19 depriving students from enjoying the same activities they once enjoyed, there is an obvious lack of excitement due to the influx of restrictions and guidelines regarding Covid. 

Students are now faced with the gift of leisure, but no clue where or how to spend it. So instead of rewatching that Netflix series or staring at a wall to pass time — here’s how to actually make your spring break a worthy Spring break while still maintaining Covid-19 awareness.


  • Have a movie night with your friends — except this time online!  

Grab some popcorn,  a box of candy, and dim the lights because movie night is still a possible thing (but even better).  Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and apps that cater to online streaming now have an option where you can watch movies and TV shows live with your friends all online. Just like Zoom or Facetime, you and your friends are able to watch each other and chat except while a movie plays. With cinemas being closed due to Covid, this is a perfect way to watch a movie and also connect with family or friends all while at home.


  • Bake something! 

With this generous amount of time, there’s an opportunity to challenge yourself and make something tasty that’ll leave you proud of your own hidden baking abilities. But this time, don’t get something from a box and instead make it from scratch! A good recommendation is to start with something simple yet classic — chocolate chip cookies. 

One of my favorite personal favorites that takes the cookie and elevates the taste even further is a recipe from Bon Appetit. Check out the recipe here:


  • Practice reducing stress in healthy ways!

We all know that school isn’t exactly a stress-free zone and most of the time students can feel pressured and in need of relaxation. Self-care is extremely important.  So put some cucumbers on those eyebags, because here’s a few things that will instantly lift any type of stressful weight on your shoulders!

  • Listen to some music however loud you want. Whether it be screamo-rock music or classical piano, music is a great way to dismiss whatever is stressing your mind out and turn it into a jam session. 
  • Clean your room. This may sound like a phrase you continuously hear from your parents but your room can actually affect the state of your mental health. By cleaning it you’re allowing yourself a fresh start and you’re guaranteed to feel a bit better after lighting a candle and creating a cleaner environment. 
  • Scream into a pillow. This is a good stress-relief method that really improves the balance of emotions and lets out any bottled-up anxiety or stress. Just make sure to muffle your scream with a pillow or go in a closet to ensure no one thinks a real accident happened!


  • Consider what you can do in public while still being conscious of Covid.

There are still plenty of activities you can do outside of your home while still maintaining social distancing efforts. 

  • The drive-in theater is a perfect option if you’re tired of staying at home and watching movies. 
  • Consider what parks are open and take a hike or just enjoy the scenery of nature. It’s also a great opportunity to grab lunch and have a picnic outside.  
  • Take a look at what museums are open and what exhibitions they are offering this week. 
  • Try a new food that’s from a different culture or go to a small restaurant you’ve never been to before.
  • Check out what’s happening around San Antonio during the week of spring break here:–san-antonio/events–this-week/?page=1


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Tired of wasting time during spring break? Here’s a guide to actually make the most out of it this year