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Apr 15, 2024

Dollar Tree : It’s all about the location

A Dollar Tree located at NW Loop 410 offers more than you might find just up the road.

by Mia Lopez | staff writer

There’s hundreds of different dollar stores out there but there’s very few that sell actual good or useful products. Some dollar stores sell arts and crafts, school supplies, varieties of food, and stuff to make a fairy garden because everybody needs to make a fairy garden in life. It’s essential. Most of all it’s affordable for everybody. 

crafts at Dollar Tree
Holiday items line the shelves monthly at Dollar Tree.

Now before you stop reading when you see that these Dollar Tree’s are on the other side of town, hear me out. Most of the Dollar Tree’s here are okay but they’re not as good as these ones. If you want to go to the ones nearby, be my guest but you’re missing out.

When most people think “Oh let’s go get snacks!” you think Walmart Target or even HEB, but Dollar Tree has a lot of selection as well. While they don’t have the same exact things you would find at your typical grocery store they have good items. If you like sweets they have candy brownies, cinnamon rolls as well as popsicles. If you’re more of a savory person there’s chips, peanuts and popcorn. And there’s probably a lot more. Some of the snacks you probably have never heard of at all. Some are imported from different countries and somehow make their way here in Texas. Which is why I believe the best dollar store for snacks and even drinks specifically they have a lot of selection on Mountain Dew soda is the one located in Heritage Square on Marbach road.

If you need a quick birthday present for your little sister or brother, maybe even your cousin at the last minute you should go to the dollar tree on Valley Hi. There are almost endless amounts of toys to choose from. I would go there expecting to find some off brand barbie doll like those my life dolls but I found a real Barbie doll. You can also find slime coloring books, miniature dollhouses, My Little Pony figures and the list goes on. There’s little soldier action figures, race cars, dinosaur toys and again the list goes on. Even if you need a birthday bag and tissue paper this dollar tree has this as well. 

Now most importantly if you want to make a little fairy garden (insert dollar store here) is the dollar store for you. There are little mini gnomes you can buy in a set with some ceramic mushrooms and of course the little fairies as well. If you really want to get arts and crafty with this then you could even get glitter and fake grass. Not sure if they do this seasonally but this dollar store already has halloween fairy garden decorations. It is super adorable and definitely gives Tinkerbell vibes if that’s something you’re into. 

If you need skincare or any hygienic product you’re better off going to Walmart. It probably isn’t the best quality or even sanitary so don’t risk it. While my mom did find out she was pregnant with me by using a Dollar Tree pregnancy test I wouldn’t try it. It may have worked for her but I’d rather have a very clear result and I’m sure you would too. 

My point is that the drive is worth it. You can find such good stuff at a very affordable price. My personal favorite Dollar Tree is (insert dollar store here) because again who doesn’t need a fairy garden. 

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Dollar Tree : It’s all about the location