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    Ask a Jag: Queen Elizabeth II’s death


    by Maddy Lingk | staff writer

    Queen Elizabeth II had the longest reign of any British monarch but not it has come to an end, not too long after the death of her husband, Prince Philip. But how do students feel about her death? How did they first react?

    What do you think of the queen’s death?

    “I mean when I first heard about it I was in denial, but then now that I think about it and I’ve slept on it, it’s really hitting me like a brick wall because she’s been such a big, yet small part in my life that’s changed me entirely.” -Zoya Lalani, 10

    “I just see it as anybody’s death, you know? People die and you feel sad for them, but you don’t really know them too well so you really don’t feel much empathy, but you want to feel sad for them.” -Zacharia Farra, 11

    “It’s fitting. I think she lived for a really long time and had a good life, so no hard feelings.” -Evie Quiroz, 10

    “Well, it’s sad, I don’t really have much to think about it. I mean, everyone just keeps talking about it, but I don’t really have an opinion on it.” -Joseph Coursey, 12

    “It was very devastating because I know she’s reigned for over 70 years now, and even though she’s not in the United States she’s such an influence because she has reigned for so long.” -Katie Green, 10

    What was your initial reaction?

    “I was in class and my friend texted me and I looked it up and my jaw fell to the ground and I was like, ‘For real?’ And then I continued doing my assignment.” -Sahvana Ruiz Zevelasco, 11

    “Screaming no and collapsing on the floor.” -Brooke Hawke, 10

    Why do you think people cared so much about her?

    “Because she’s been around for a very long time and she has been the queen for I believe over 70 years. And that’s probably the longest ever in history for someone to be queen.” -Ella Vo, 12

    “She was a big political figure and had a lot of significance in the world and then also she was just a huge meme of never dying because she reigned for 70 years.” -Ren Hernandez, 10

    “I feel like she’s a symbol of British patriotism and a symbol of traditional society to the Brits and commonwealth nations. It’s just like a historical connection and a cultural connection.” -Tristen Hoffman, 10

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    Ask a Jag: Queen Elizabeth II’s death