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Apr 15, 2024

Gaga inspires monstrous emotion, confidence in fans at AT&T Center

I walk into the AT&T Center with giddy joy as I look around and see all of the outrageous costumes. People in bubble wrap, sparkly bedazzled shorts, wigs, and drag queens dressed up as Lady Gaga. I knew this was going to be the most entertaining night of my life, and was sure going to be an experience. Be jealous guys.

After taking some pictures with the drag queens, talking it up with them about how to do make up and what not, I sat down. I thought, wow, they aren’t ashamed of their pride and are ready to flaunt in front of thousands of people. I came to realize that all that confidence came from Lady Gaga herself.

The opening act was the Scissor Sisters, an “out there” kind of band with more than enough energy to supply energize the audience. Pumping up the crowd to get ready for Gaga, they got everyone laughing with their quirky style and fun songs like “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing.” Not going to lie, I don’t think many people knew who they were, they even said “If you don’t know us, you’re either not gay or British”, so yeah, I’m not gay or British so I counted among those who weren’t that familiar with them. They only played for about 30 minutes, leaving memorably with the lead male singer taking off his pants. Lovely.

After a suspenseful 40 minutes or so, the center goes dark. Then, a countdown begins on the big screen counting down for us to be in the infamous Lady Gaga’s presence. “Dance in the Dark” begins playing, and then BAM – out comes the Gaga.

She, as always, is in an outrageous outfit with insanely high heels prancing around and singing flawlessly. If anyone says she has no talent, they’re an idiot.

In between songs, she spoke of her battles with bullying in high school. She inspired the crowd to be proud of who they are and to not be ashamed, that “we’re all super stars”, that we are all beautiful. Touching me and pretty much everyone else who absolutely adores her, we cried, we were just so happy. Man, this is getting cheesy. But whatever, it’s Gaga.

The whole plot of the concert was to get to the Monster Ball, for it was almost like a musical play belonging to the theatre. At the end, we finally made it, defeating the “Fame Monster,” a giant octopus-bug looking thing attacking Gaga. To me it seemed kind of lame, but Lady Gaga likes it so I loved it anyways.

She ended with her latest single “Born This Way,” as her encore. It wasn’t expected since she had already sung it beautifully before, acoustically with just her and the piano. Yet, she got the crowd on their feet, everyone smiling and dancing having a fabulous time.

If you went to the concert already in love with Lady Gaga, you left even more in love. If you went for the heck of it, you came to adore her. If you went because you were forced against your will to go, you ended up not minding it and having a better time than expected. Either way, you left the concert with your paws up, a little monster.

There’s still a chance to catch the Monster Ball tour in Texas.  Lady Gage will be in Austin on April 6 and in Houston on April 8. Her concert will also be televised on HBO on May 7.  Click here for more information.

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  • G

    gielen olbrantzMar 23, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    I dont understand how people look up to Lady Gaga. She doesnt have good music and neither have good clothing style. In her past years she has been doing drugs.

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Gaga inspires monstrous emotion, confidence in fans at AT&T Center