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Fro-Yo Throwdown

By Melissa Smith and Madelyn Carter | Staff Writers

Yogurt is the 'cool' new treat, and franchise options are endless.

Sweet summertime is just 7 weeks away, and what better way is there to get geared up for break than taking a fro-yo run? “That’s a great idea!”, you’re thinking, “but which frozen yogurt place should I go to?” Decisions, decisions…

Well, we’re here to help you in your quest for the best frozen yogurt in town. As avid fans of this delectable treat, we traveled to 4 epic destinations to bring you our results in the 2011 Fro-Yo Throwdown.

Orange Leaf. Aspen Leaf. Orange Cup. Yogurt Zone. Who will take the cake – or, in better words, the cake batter fro-yo – for the best place in San Antonio?

Aspen Leaf

Aspen Leaf is like my second home. The atmosphere itself is so inviting, the staff is friendly and energetic, and the colorful furniture and music get you pumped for some quality fro-yo. They have an array of flavors, ranging from fruity to cake flavors to a chocolaty explosion. They have 40+ toppings, including any chocolate candy you can think of, and fresh fruits for the health nuts. One of the best things about this place is the stamp card: every time you buy yogurt, you get one out of eight stamp places on your card stamped, and whenever you finally get that coveted 8th stamp, you get a free 16 ounce frozen yogurt! I’ve been through 3 cards already, and getting that free 16 oz. is epic. – Madelyn

Well, Madelyn likes to steal my thunder and say pretty much everything and anything I want to say myself. Yet, my personal opinion of Aspen Leaf is a little different. I enjoy it, the atmosphere, location, and choices of flavors and toppings (yet, I get the same thing every time, so it doesn’t quite matter- tart fro-yo+chocolate chips+coconut=heaven), and of course, the staff. But, I’m not going to lie: it isn’t consistent. Last time I went there, my yogurt was not its usual creamy, fresh, delicious self; it was old, not smooth, and not as appetizing. It didn’t settle well in the tummy, but my reasoning for this is that it was late at night, so they probably just hadn’t churned it in a while. Aspen Leaf is still definitely in my top two, but it doesn’t quite take the prize. – Melissa

Orange Cup

The one that started it all in San Antonio: the original, the nationwide desert parlor. The retro feel of this place just makes me feel pretty cool, and I love how you can play your own iPod in the seating area. They have 3 flavors for yogurt: original, cul, and something involving berries. I always get the original or cul, both absolutely fresh and perfect and just give me the “oh my gosh this is AWESOME TASTING” tingle in my mouth. The fruit is always colorful and just-picked, not over-processed. Lastly, what I love – and pretty much what all health nuts love – is that they put the nutritional facts on the side of the cup so you know exactly what and how much of it you’re putting in your tummy. The sizes are also ranged from mini, small, and regular. The only negative remark I have about Orange Cup is the lack of flavor choices; they only have three and none of them are sweet or chocolaty, which should lose them a lot of fans. – Melissa

Orange Cup is weird. Sorry, I had to say it. How the heck am I supposed to know what “original” or “cul” tastes like when they put it in your cup themselves? Just tell me what it tastes like in the name,. It’s supposed to be healthier than all the other yogurt places, but I couldn’t really care less. To be honest, I just want some flavors that make sense. The whole plugging in your iPod thing is cool though, I’m not gonna lie. – Madelyn

Yogurt Zone

The retro feel of this place makes you in the mood for some nice fro-yo for some odd reason. They have many choices of flavors, and even more toppings. The selection of choices is pretty convenient; whether you’re in the mood for some sour ting, chocolaty burst or something as sweet as buttercup, they have it. You can add anything to your sweet treat: chocolates, fruit, cereal, lychees, gummy bears, marshmallows, pretty much whatever you can imagine. The quality of the yogurt has always been above par and has always met my expectations. – Melissa

Yeah, Yogurt Zone is basically the same thing as Aspen Leaf, just on the other side of 281. It’s not as colorful as Aspen, and it doesn’t have a punch card. That’s pretty much the only difference. – Madelyn

Orange Leaf

The only thing I liked about this place is its spoons. – Melissa

Orange Leaf isn’t bad – I enjoyed my chocolaty creation. Their toppings bar was not as large as those of the other locations, but most of their flavors were pretty good. Their couches and funky shaped orange chairs are exciting, and attract a lot of customers. Though its some quality fro-yo, you’re gonna have to take the trip to 1604 and Blanco to get it. – Madelyn

Who takes the crown?

Well, in my opinion Orange Cup has have to take the prize. It’s just the perfect place for me and they always have what I desire in perfected form. Aspen Leaf is a close runner-up, since it is a local favorite and usually always satisfies me. It’s a great hang out for Johnson kids. Yogurt Zone is delicious, but something about is just a little too bright (yes, I know I’m picky). Orange Leaf was just awful – it doesn’t even deserve my opinion. – Melissa

ASPEN LEAF. This place is great for the best frozen yogurt selctions, toppings variety, and friendly environment. Yogurt Zone is second because it doesn’t have a punch card and it’s a challenge to get there from my house. Orange Leaf comes next, because it’s pretty good, but too far away. Last and certainly least comes Orange Cup, with their weird, health-nut yogurt names. – Madelyn

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  • R

    Rachel, BAug 27, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    I have to agree with Madelyn. Aspen Leaf is like my 2nd home. It always has delicious flavors,cool spoons, friendly atmosphere, and convenient location. I was never really a FroYo fan until I went to Aspen Leaf for the first time.

  • S

    ScottApr 14, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    This is the manager of Aspen Leaf here:)
    Well, I must say the article was okay. Although, I am wondering about Melissa’s experience at Aspen Leaf and the comment about it not being smooth. We use top quality machines and it is always the same consistency. The machines mix and freeze the product themselves. Late at night has nothing to do with it. We also offer FREE wifi for all customers and I really like the Johnson students. They are very friendly and courteous when they come in. I have donated items to your school already and will continue to help where I can. I believe we are the best yogurt shop in San Antonio.
    Remember that we offer, not only punch cards, but DOUBLE punch day on Tuesdays and also “Happy Hour” from 5 to 7 pm on Wednesdays you get a 20% discount. I am looking do to a deal for students specifically in the near future.
    I offer 14 flavors, which rotate from time to time, and I offer OVER 70 toppings, which is the MOST in San Antonio and of any yogurt company anywhere:)
    Please come in and try us and enjoy our decadent treats daily.

    Thank you.

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