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Doing some back-to-school shopping? Be sure you read this first.


Dear Jaguars,


I hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying some family time vacationing or “staycationing.” All is well at Johnson, but we certainly could use some rain. I am sending you this e-mail in an effort to inform you, our parents, about a few issues we have been working on this year. These issues have been brought to our attention by both concerned parents and observant faculty. By the time we start school on August 22, we will have formally addressed these issues and will provide a copy of rules, expectations, and/or policies for you to review on our web site. Over the past year, various committees have been and will continue to develop, adjust, or modify issues and concerns that are brought to our attention. Three of the issues are dress code, digital citizenship, and drug awareness/education. Digital citizenship and drug education policies are still being finalized, but I am able to send you our revised dress code policy today.


When I was given the opportunity to be your principal at CTJ in early August of last year, I sent out an e-mail to parents presenting our expectations regarding how students should dress for school. Though many of these expectations were taken from the District’s Student/Parent Handbook, there was still confusion among the students, teachers, and parents. This year, I would like to prevent many of the issues we faced last year and get to you the expectations for proper attire at CTJ early.


As our students rest and enjoy the pool, Fiesta Texas, Sea World, or other fun activities, I know, as a parent, how quickly the summer months pass by. Before you know it, we are in the malls and retail and clothing stores looking for the right outfits that will make our student happy while satisfying the District’s expectation for dress. As a parent of two teenage daughters, I understand the challenges you face, and want to be sure you have the correct information in advance.


As many of you know, I believe time and place should dictate the way we dress. We dress differently, for example, attending a wedding than we would if we were going to the movies. School, in my opinion, is a place of respect and dignity, and we should dress accordingly. This is why the District has established a dress code policy located in the Student/Parent Handbook.


As a result of some discussion from our staff and several parental suggestions, we have addressed some confusion in the dress code policy and clarified some of the “gray” areas. There are a few seemingly problematic areas being observed at Johnson that relate to spaghetti straps, pajama bottoms, sagging pants, and shorts that are too short. A simple rule to follow for spaghetti straps is that if we can see undergarments, the straps are too thin. If the shorts’ hemline is above a student’s fingertips, the shorts are too short. This rule also includes gym or running shorts.

The guidelines listed below are taken from the NEISD Student/Parent Code of Conduct. The last thing we want to do is make any student feel uncomfortable at school. When students are questioned about dress, it can cause anxiety and embarrassment to them. To help avoid these emotions, please ensure that all students wear clothing that falls within the established guidelines. Personally I will not send my own kids to school in an outfit that MAY be out of dress code. If I am not sure if it falls within the guidelines, then they are not to wear it at school. I try not to place them in a situation in which a principal has to make a call on dress.

Here are some simple guidelines as reminders for proper attire.

n Straps on shoulders must be at least wide enough to cover undergarment straps. A suggested strap width is two inches wide. Any straps less than two inches may merit a decision by a teacher or principal regarding appropriateness. If we see undergarment, then the strap is too thin.

nNo racer-back type shirts are allowed as they have a tendency to reveal undergarments.

nNo hats of any kind shall be worn in the building. Hats will be confiscated and returned to a parent.

n No facial piercing including nose, tongue, eyebrow, etc. Piercing is only allowed in the ear. Piercing items will be confiscated and returned to a parent.

n No tank tops or sleeveless undershirts (boys) to be worn alone. Boys can wear tank tops as long as there is a shirt worn over or under the tank top.

n No exposed midriffs, including those that expose the stomach when arms are raised, will be acceptable.

n Long shirts will be tucked in, especially when it is evident that students are sagging their pants (Longer than the fingertips).

n Shorts/skirts/dresses/gym/soccer or biker shorts are measured by the finger-tips of the student. This applies to all non-school related clothing though shorts seem to be the main issue).

n No baggy or sagging pant. Pants are to be worn at or above the waist line (underwear should not be visible above the waist of the pants).

n No torn or frayed skirts, shorts or jeans (This one is, admittedly, a bit subjective, but we should not see several, large, or inappropriately placed holes in jeans).

n No low-cut blouses.

n No “unusual” (blue, red, green, etc) colored hair. Hair must be a “natural” color and have no streaking of “unusual” color.

n No Mohawks or spiked hair.

n No pajama bottoms or house slippers.

n All other guidelines listed in the handbook will be enforced.

There may be incidents in which dress may be in the gray area. But, as the student handbook reads, “While it is inevitable that there will be differences of opinion as to the appropriateness of dress and grooming, the final determination will be made by the building principal.” Remember, our school looks good because our kids look good. Students found in violation of the dress code will be asked to put on a pair of sweats (for pant/shorts issue) or a Johnson t-shirt (for a shirt issue). Students will NOT be allowed to change into other clothing he/she may have brought to school or stored in a locker. Several violations will result in a parent conference with a principal and/or ISS assignment.

I truly appreciate all the support you have been giving us as we continue to prepare all our students for future successes. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me anytime or send a quick e-mail.


John Mehlbrech


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Doing some back-to-school shopping? Be sure you read this first.