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9/11 hits home for connected students


by Melissa Smith

Though 9/11 was a full decade ago, it is still remembered to all Americans, especially the ones who were affected. Whether they were on site, on a military base, or just a bystander, it still influenced them in different, unique ways. Looking back, most high schoolers don’t remember that day since they were only in elementary school, but there are some who could not banish it from their minds.

Junior Morgan Stearns recalls that day perfectly.

“We actually lived in Germany when it happened, but we were on vacation in France. It was kind of a big deal to us because we were the few Americans in a foreign country when the attack had happened so it was kind of scary, it was even a big deal when I was so young,” Stearns said.

A lot of teens didn’t think of that day as a big deal, since they were just still only kids.

“I was like in kinder and I didn’t really know what was going on. I don’t really remember that day,” sophomore Jerod Vick said.

Most people heard the news on the radio or on the news, but Stearns heard it differently.

“I remember we weren’t at school, we were in an elevator and the only person who spoke English told us that there were terrorists attacks in America and we were like ‘What?’, and then we went [to our hotel room] and watched it on tv,” Stearns reminisced.

It was even more frightening that they weren’t back home.

“We kind of feared that someone was going to attack us since we were [the only Americans] or whatever,” Stearn said.

The attack greatly changed people’s lives, and impacted them as well.

“My dad kind of lost his job for a little bit and kind of had a pay cut because one of the airlines that got hit was actually one of the ones he flew for,” Vick said.

Others were inspired to not only help themselves; but everyone in the military.

“My mom is a dermatologist in the army. Before 9/11 she knew she wanted to be a doctor, but after 9/11 that showed the path that she wanted to be a doctor in the military.

That kind of dedication is what some teens look up to and admire.

“I’m proud of her and I really enjoy moving and having new experiences,” Stearn said.

9/11 showed the country’s true unity, and the most patriotic people definitely stood out among the rest.

“I think after 9/11 everybody was kind of inspired to be more American about everything. Because of that, [my mom] knew that she had to serve our country the best way she could,” Stearn said.





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9/11 hits home for connected students