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Beliefs since the beginning of Time

Beliefs since the beginning of Time

Eduardo Calderon|Staff Writer

In 2000, the world went hysterical over the belief of Y2K, the problem that would end our existence.

“There’s been countless theories of world destruction before, there’s nothing different about any of them, like 1999 and 2000,” senior Cameron Snoha said.

The next theory for the end of the world is on December 21, 2012, infamously known solely as 2012.

“People believe in the end of the Mayan calendar, and they believe with it ending it marks the end of the world,” junior Brian Miller said.

Many feel that 2012’s aftermath will be like all other past apocalypses.

“They always say the world will end, but it doesn’t, what makes 2012 any different,” junior Melissa Brady said, “It’s big because all the publicity around it.”

Unlike other apocalyptic theories, 2012 has been around before Christ, Himself.

“There’s a lot of hype built up to 2012 for many years,” senior Maximilian Salmeron said, “The other past apoaclypses have been hyped up only weeks before.”

In the year 2012, the Mayan calender does have it’s historical ending.

According to,, The long calender was created in order to correspond with a long term astronomical prediction by the Mayan people, and that this end of the world scenario will play out in a manner that has something to do with something from beyond this world.

One of the many astronomical phenomenos may come from our own sun.

According to,, The 2012 end of the world will come to Earth not through some planetary force outside of our galaxy, but through our own sun via a large solar flare, the flare will be caused from a returning outside planet, Planet X.

Some believe that Planet X, who makes a full orbit every 3,600 years, will have a different affect, it will return along with a superior race that genetically engineered human beings.

According to,, In Sumerian and Babylonian belief, a superior, mythological race known as Anunnaki who live on Planet X will return to Earth, returning to the humans they created to help mine for gold and ores.

If Planet X is uninhabited, then it’s closeness to Earth can play a very real scenario.

According to,, Some people believe that Planet X could cause a great disruption to the existing orbits of Venus, Jupiter, and Earth, if the earth’s orbit were pushed any closer or further from the sun, it could alter climates cooling it or heating the Earth up more.

Another destructive theory, comes with an alignment every 25,000 years.

According to,, The end of the world 2012 prophesy actually refers to a very rare planetary alignment that will occur during the winter solstice on December 21, 2012, this alignment will come with a polar shift that can usher in a new ice age.

If an ice age is not created, then the alignment may uncover something else in our Milky Way galaxy.

According to,, One of the theories about this planetary alignment is that the Earth will be at its center and that the sun will be aligned at the top, at the other end will be a black hole in the exact center of the galaxy.  One of the expectations by this theory of the planets and objects in the alignment will shift their positions, causing destruction such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and even diseases across Earth.

With so many theories, some people still do not find truth in 2012.

“There are many theories of apocalypse but none are true, the world’s gone to a trend of fear and panic,” sophomore Benjamin Valdez said, “2012 is gonna be another year.”

The reasoning many people have trouble not believing in 2012, may come from the best-selling book ever to be written.

“The Bible said it, no one is gonna know when the world will end,” Valdez said.

People look for a reasonable way that the Earth may end one day, a day that might not be known.

“The world will end eventually, but probably aliens or an asteroid will come to Earth to wipe us out,” Miller said.

Others feel that global destruction may come from the people of Earth itself.

“If there’s no universal interference, mankind will kill themselves through biological, or nuclear warfare,” Salmeron said.

If the world will end in 2012, then most likely there will be nothing able to interfere with one of the theories.

“I like to stay optimistic for 2012,” Salmeron said, “Live life to the fullest if it does end up happening.”


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    WilburJan 19, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Since the begining of time i often find myself thinking about the universal question of WHAT IF?? What if there is only one more year to live?! What if i will never live to see my dog have little puppies?! What if i never get the oppurtunity to meet the infamous Eduardo Calderon?! These are all extraordinary questions that may never be answered until “Doomsday”.

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Beliefs since the beginning of Time