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Apr 15, 2024

The GOP and it’s monthly flavors

by Eduardo Calderon|Staff Writer

This past November, Johnson senior Sean Encino applied for his voter’s card on his 18th birthday.

“Voting’s more about conformity to a futile democratic process,” Encino said, “But I still feel responsible to help decide who’s gonna take this country forward.”

There have been many Republican debates as the election for GOP nomination continues.

“I love watching the debates, watching them beat up on each other, it’s very comical with the mishaps the candidates have,” US History teacher, Addie Garcia-Dubravec said.

The GOP race may have a close finale.

“There’s such a diversity among the nominees in theology that it’s gonna be a split vote,” Encino said.

There has not been one steady frontrunner for too long.

“The media has been portraying candidates as flavors of the month, because there’s been a different pole leader each month,” Garcia-Dubravec said.

One current GOP frontrunner is Newt Gingrich.

“It’s hard to fully grasp his leadership style from the 90s, I liked his performance in the debate so far,” Garcia-Dubravec said, “But I do worry that his previous political experience and 90s problems will effect him as a frontrunner.”

Others feel that he chose his position very thoughtfully.

“He’s really hard to define, on one hand his brunt ideas are really out there but you can also tell he’s careful for the way he got into the race,” Encino said, “He chose his time to come out.”


Former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney ahead of Gingrich in the GOP nomination.

“He has pretty good ideas, he’s a bit more on the conservative side,” Garcia-Dubravec said.

Romney may have to overcome difficult odds.

“I think Mitt Romney is gonna feel a large resistance from evangelical conservative base voters,” Encino said.

This past fall Herman Cain was the frontrunner, but faced some difficulties leading into November.

“I can understand why he would suspend his campaign, it’s a little disappointing,” Garcia-Dubravec said, “He had a good business sense in a downtrodden economy but he’s had personal issues.”

Cain is not the only candidate ever to leave the race for personal issues.

“What happened to Cain is what happened to many candidates in past elections,” Encino said, “He got politically assassinated, and it’s the most common way that candidates fight each other, attacking each other’s image.”

Another contestant for the GOP nominee is Texas congressman, Ron Paul.

“The only one left, or possibly the next flavor of the month, would be Ron Paul, he’s very far to the right, and won’t get the moderate voters,” Garcia-Dubravec said.

The final frontrunner of the GOP may be the one that focused on a specific type of voter.

“The next frontrunner will have to appeal to the undecided voter,” Garcia-Dubravec said.


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The GOP and it’s monthly flavors