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Apr 15, 2024

Brothers and sisters share the hallways

by Molly Brodhacker | Staff writer

There are those best friends we consider “family”, who we look forward to seeing everyday, whose faces brighten our day and we can turn to with concerns and questions. These family-like friends provide us with comfort at school, but what about if you actually went to school with family?

“My brother is 16, he’s a junior. I didn’t used to like being in school with him, but now I do because we are a lot closer at home so it’s a lot better seeing him in the halls,” senior Kaitlin Brandt said.

As younger kids, going to school with siblings can be weird and awkward, as the older is usually embarassed of the younger. With age comes maturity and usually the realization that family is more important than assumed.

“As you get older, little things don’t matter much anymore when you get in fights,” Brandt said.

Having that extra support system at school can be comforting to students when going through a challenge, and knowing someone at school is your family can serve as a lifeline.

“Like if there was something going on with your family and you can’t reach them, they’re still at the school here. Or you can take them home if they need a ride or something,” Brandt said.

While lots of siblings rely and enjoy seeing each other every day, some don’t see it as such a big deal to attend school with family.

“It doesn’t really affect me, I never even see my brother at school,” junior Gabriella Jourdain said.

There are lots of positives of being at school with siblings, but there are also those who do not enjoy it.

“I don’t like going to school with my brother,” senior Jose Estello said of brother freshman Diego.

“I feel like I have to show some kind of-  I dont know that he like has to be able to look up to me,” Estello said.

Younger siblings usually do look up to older siblings, and the older should try and be responsible to help guide the younger.

“I feel like he’s frustrated because, being a senior, I’m a little more lazy and I get him here late,” Jose Estello said.

One of the positives or negatives (depending on who your sibling is,) is that you may be favored by a teacher, for example “oh are you Billy’s little brother, I loved him, tell him hi!” But on the other hand, if your sibling isn’t the grade A student, you could be subject to some pre-dispositioned feelings.

While seeing siblings at school can have different effects on people at least one thing is for sure; family doesn’t always stay at home.

“I don’t like seeing my brother at school. It’s like a joke, like ‘see you at home in an hour,’” Estello said sarcastically.


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Brothers and sisters share the hallways