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Single students make V-day their own


By Lauren Towart | Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day- a holiday loved and dreaded by many. The occasion promises an overwhelming aura of love in the air; a day where it’s okay to kiss your boyfriend a thousand times consecutively and have nobody think twice, or surprise your sweetie with the cutest and yummiest gifts you can find. Reminders arrive weeks in advance, as store shelves are flooded with goodies in shades of pink, white, and red. But for some students, there is one thing preventing them from participating in these celebratory acts of love: a date.

“I hate Valentine’s Day – always have,” senior Zephir Lambert said, “It’s too much money out of my pocket if I have a girlfriend, and if I don’t have a girlfriend it’s too much sadness. I’m not looking forward to seeing all the couples together, and then I’m gonna be like ‘Oh, snap’. I see everyone kissing and stuff, I don’t want to see all that! It’s embarrassing because I don’t have one.”

Valentine’s Day has a tendency to bring forth some negative feelings for singles, like loneliness or the fear of never being able to find that special someone. But instead of perceiving the day as a taunt, some realize that this time can be used to an advantage.

“Don’t be afraid to tak to the person you like or ask them out. I’m shy, but it’s still never been a problem for me. It shouldn’t be for you, either!” sophomore Jose Lozada said, “Yeah, being single can make you feel bad, but at the same time it’s like a huge weight off your shoulders. If everything goes according to plan, I won’t be single this year.”

The lack of a boyfriend or girlfriend need not knock out one’s spirit of Valentine’s Day. Some students tend to forget that the holiday is not exclusively for those going steady. Vernacular advice suggests that students own their independence, since buying gaudy presents for friends and family-or even yourself- can be as much, if not more, than sharing it. Sophomore Katherine Mack sits calmly in the theater room, excited by the mere thought of Valentine’s Day.

“This isn’t the first year I’ll be single, but I still receive the love. It doesn’t have to all be about couples, I know my sister and I usually receive candy and a big Valentine’s Day bear from my mom. I get little gifts from my friends and stuff like that, so I definitely don’t think it can only be from your boyfriend of girlfriend. Mom, dad, sister and brother can always give you presents, since they obviously love you too.”

This loving holiday is not only about showing your affection for your special someone, but moreso showing everyone around you how mch you care about them. It’s a great time to show your parents, siblings, and close friends how much you appreciate them.

“You know, it’s okay being single on Valentine’s. I have other people in the world who love me and it’s not always about having a boyfriend. My advice would be to not be so sad-don’t let that get you down. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re not pretty, or not kind, it just means you have to be thankful that you have other people in the world who love you. So anytime you feel yourself getting sad about it, keep your head held up high. Just keep thinking, you know, hopefully next year,” Mack said.

Having a Valentine in no way ensures that good gifts will be received from a significant other. Some students use Valentines day to snag a gift for themselves.

“Sometimes I look at something I like that I normally wouldn’t buy, but since it’s for Valentines Day I’ll splurge,” junior Tanvi Kanjiyani said.

Whether in a relationship or single, Valentine’s Day isn’t one to be bogged down with unhappiness.

“I’m gonna go to school, work out, I love to work out…then go to work. I’ve got a date with money this year,” Lambert said of his Valentine’s plans. “Have fun, don’t worry about relationships, just live up high school while you can.”



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Single students make V-day their own