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Prom probs: stresses of the season

Prom probs: stresses of the season
Prom season tests boys creative sides when it comes to getting that lucky lady to say yes.

by Ali Valdez | Staff Writer

“Will you go to prom with me?”

These are the words every girl dreams of hearing from the mouth of that certain boy they have been eyeing for who knows how long.

Most girls will find themselves in a pool of stress around prom season, with several different factors affecting them. As if the anticipation of getting a date isn’t enough for my fellow females and I, we also have to find many different things that are crucial to making prom the most perfect night -like the ones you’ve seen in movies.

Girls suffer the intense stress of finding or renting the perfect dress. You want the dress to turn heads. First, you have to decide if you’d like a long dress or a short dress. Then, you have to figure out if you want the dress tight or flowy. After this comes the color, the straps (or no straps), and not to mention some very tedious alterations. Also, in case any of you didn’t know this, PROM DRESSES ARE EXPENSIVE.

After you find the perfect dress, you also have to find the dream shoes. Sometimes the shoes aren’t as big of a factor if you have a long dress because they are easy to cover up. But there is also the big decision: pump, heel, flat, sandal?

After the shoes comes the jewelry; where you must decide between gold or silver. Boys, I know what you’re thinking, and it is way harder than it seems. Then you must find earrings, a necklace, bracelets, rings, etc. The most difficult part is making sure all of the jewelery doesn’t clash with each other and the dress.

Finding a prom group is very intimidating because as the group gets larger and larger, the planning gets more and more stressful. Everyone has to get along well with everyone in the group or else the night is likely to be filled with drama. You also have to organize where your group’s pre-prom meal will be held and the means of transportation.

Last but not least, the ladies have to coordinate some wicked awesome dance moves to impress their date with, and also have to deal with the potential awkwardness of not knowing whether to slow dance with your date or not.

While the ladies are freaking out about every other thing, the men also carry some stressful burdens, which are mostly financial.

First, the guy has to pay for his ticket to prom along with his date’s ticket. Then they have to pay to rent a tux, typically they will pay for their pre-prom meal along with their date’s meal. And lastly, usually they pay for the limo if your group has planned to rent one.

Major props to the guys who ask their date to prom in a unique way requiring money as if they won’t be spending a gazillion more dollars to please their date.

The guys probably have the short end of the stick considering they have to face the possibility of rejection. Once they have found the perfect girl, they have to make sure to impress the girl, charm the girl, and then once the girl has said yes to prom, they have to brainstorm the most adorable way to pop the question: “Prom?” The idea has to be brilliant, one that will make all of the other girls -even your date’s friends-  absolutely envious.

Despite the many stresses of prom season, Cirque De Luminire is sure to be a night to remember.

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Prom probs: stresses of the season