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My Jag News explores the Halloween section of Target

These were a crowd-pleaser, but just a warning these M&M’s have a lowkey ‘Cinnamon Challenge’ hint.

by Claire Carter | editor-in-chief

It’s that time of year again. Yes, pumpkin season. With the infamous pumpkin spice latte being in high demand of every teenage girl with a monogrammed necklace, fall is in the air-and in our cups. In collaboration with our lovely staff, I have taken the reviews of the greatest critics to inform as best I can on these Halloween-ish goodies.

Pumpkin Spice M&M’s: At first bite, these treats taste just like regular M&M’s, then transition into a full on cinnamon challenge. This spicy twist made some tasters question life itself and regret all decisions they’ve ever made. Other tasters thought the chocolate distracted from the spice. Memorable quote: “What is this?”

Candy Corn M&M’s: These candies at first bite taste like corn, but the taste transitions to a white chocolatey goodness that is sure to satisfy. Some tasters thought this candy didn’t taste like candy corn, and that M&M’s should stick with the classics. Memorable quote: “Reminds you of fall, but doesn’t taste like wax.”

Pumpkin Spices Hershey’s Kisses: After unwrapping this candy, you will be alarmed with the color that takes you straight to a holiday store, then after biting into the Kiss, the taste will strike as well with its strong flavors. Some tasters thought the candy had a hint of candle flavor. Memorable quote: “I wouldn’t Kiss this.”

Caramel Apple Twizzlers: Most tasters though the caramel ruined the classic treat. But, the outer green apple flavor did please most tasters. If you’re looking for a candy that no one will want to take from your pantry, this is the one for you. Memorable quote: “No.”

Caramel Apple Milky Way: While some tasters thought they needed to immediately excuse themselves from the classroom, others felt this candy most closely resembled the classic MW goodness. The caramel pleased all staff members, but the apple flavor once again struck everyone as unnecessary. What can we say, we’re fans of the simple stuff. Memorable quote: “This should happen.”

Pumpkin Pie Pop Tart: Tasters thought this pastry captured the essence of pumpkin well, and for the most part was worth the fall flavor attempt. Others asked, “Is it over yet?” and longed for a more simple filling. This treat was our top pick for those pumpkin lovers Memorable quote: “Is this my punishment for a late rough draft?”

Pumpkin Spice Oreo: Some tasters thought these cookies were a 10/10, and that the golden cookies complimented the pumpkin flavors quite nicely. Others, however, who I’m not sure can be pleased in any way, claimed they were throwing up on the inside. Overall, this cookie tasted like a craft store in the Fall. Memorable quote: “I didn’t think I could not like an Oreo.”

Caramel Apple Oreo: These cookies seemed too sour to some tasters, who felt that cookies should never be fruit flavored. The caramel side, however, pleased most tasters. Ultimately, our staff wishes that Oreo wouldn’t try so hard to conform to the fall flavors, and just stick with the black and white goodness. Memorable quote: “Caramel side rocks.”

Check these out yourself! Visit our gallery to see which package looks most promising.

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My Jag News explores the Halloween section of Target