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5 Movie Theater Etiquette Rules


by Cameron Tejeda | staff writer

No one knows what to expect when they walk into a movie theater. You can only hope that you won’t have any annoying audience members among you. When there is silence you can get immersed into the world of the film, but when people are yapping away all you can think about is choking them out until they beg for forgiveness. So now I’m laying down the rules for how to respect everyone watching the movie with you.


  1. NO Cell Phones

 You’re trying to take in the amazing visuals that are taking place on screen, when a flash of light temporarily blinds you. That’s what it feels like when someone turns on their phone. That extra light source is extremely distracting, because that’s all you can think about. If you really need to use the phone during a movie, then remove yourself from the auditorium.


  1. NO Talking

Whether someone is talking on the phone (already breaks rule number one) or chatting with their friends, it’s the worst thing ever. I just want to yell, curse, and threaten their lives, but I control myself, don’t worry. Don’t even talk about what’s happening in the movie, it is still very disruptive. You don’t need to make plans with your partner like, “Hey where do you want to eat after this?” It doesn’t matter where you’re going afterwards, because right now you are in a theater full of silent people watching a film. If you really must communicate with the person next to you, then whisper silently.


  1. Please Take Your Kids Outside If They’re a Distraction

 I get that you can’t control what your kid does or when a baby starts to cry, but you can control what you do about it. If your kid is crying or making noise, please just take them outside the auditorium. There is nothing more distracting than a baby who is using his eyes to make a river, and wailing louder than a chimpanzee. Maybe try to get a sitter if you think your kid will be a disturbance.


  1. Try to Stay Seated

 No one wants to see a silhouette pop up at the bottom of the screen, and it stinks when someone blocks your view of the movie while they get out of the aisle. I know it has to happen sometimes, but try to limit the number of times you do it. Go to the bathroom before the film starts for example. Find a seat you are happy with and stay there. Also, try to be careful not to step on someone’s feet while you are exiting.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 9.26.22 AM

  1. Respect the People Around You

 This last one applies to absolutely everyone. Don’t scream at people who are obnoxious, just ask them to be quiet while whispering. If it’s really needed, then get a movie theater employer. Don’t put your feet up on the seats in front of you, and don’t lean back so that you’re practically in the lap of the person behind you. Keep your limbs to yourself.  


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5 Movie Theater Etiquette Rules