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Settling the debate: is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie


by Jeremy Reyes | staff writer

Is the 1988 action flick “Die Hard,”starring Bruce Willis, the most ultimate Christmas movie that ever existed? To some that might sound silly, I mean come on, a movie about freeing hostages from a building full of terrorists with all the guns and explosions of a stereotypical 80’s action movie, how can that be a christmas movie? I hear you asking: How is killing people very christmasy? How can you watch a movie with explosions on the day we are suppose to honor our lord and savior? You may find yourself pondering these questions- well gather ‘round and let me fill your mind with some knowledge.

First of all, a solid reason to say Die Hard is a Christmas movie is the fact that it takes place at Christmas time, and the main setting for the movie is a building that’s having a Christmas party. I actually watched this movie at Christmas time last year because to some it’s considered a Christmas movie, albeit a violent one. I think the line, “Now i have a Machine gun Ho-Ho-Ho,” should be a classic Christmas movie line.

Second of all, There is no set in stone definition of what a Christmas movie actually is. Is a Christmas movie something that exclusively has to center around Santa Claus? Red-nosed reindeer? Talking snowman? Or does it have to do with the time and setting being on Christmas eve?

Third on the list, regular christmas movies get boring after awhile. We’ve all seen the same stories repeated over and over again, with the same themes and messages: family, presents, heartwarming moments, Santa, blah. Maybe it’s just me being edgy, but I’ve always preferred the more over the top Christmas movies, as opposed to the more traditional movies.

The fourth and final thing is perhaps the most important reason and that reason is……….it’s up to you to decide what you want to watch as a Christmas movie. No one is telling you that you can only watch certain movies on Christmas, and that you can’t watch other movies because it’s not Christmassy enough; and if someone is telling you these things, well you can just tell them “Ho-Ho-Ho please shut your mouth.” In the end I think a Christmas movie is just a movie that you enjoy watching with your family or by yourself on Christmas.

And finally all joking aside, Die Hard is a movie about family and re-conciliation and if some terrorists just so happen to get blown away during the course of the movie, then oh well sometimes that happens.

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Settling the debate: is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie