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Apr 15, 2024

A number of jobs open up around campus

A number of jobs open up around campus

by Sebastian Lucumi | staff writer

As more jobs open up around campus, more students are beginning to join the work force. Senior Dominic Colera is one such student who is currently working at Bill Millers.

“It’s enjoyable, well there’s times where it’s really hard and they make you work harder than you’d really want to but the people there are fun to be around and joke with,” Colera said. 

The management at this Bill Miller works directly with the workers.

“[The management is] not really high and mighty, they’re really down to earth kind of people; and they’re very good to their workers. They occasionally help us out when their not busy,” Colera said.

Another such student who is employed is senior Mia Sutherland who works at Fahrenheit Thirty-Two.

“I love it there, I really do. it’s like my family,” Sutherland said. 

Sutherland does a host of tasks to prepare ice cream that is being served. 

“I do a lot of things there, I prep ingredients, roll the ice cream, so basically we’re the people that mix stuff in the big plates with the fans underneath; then we chop it all up and roll it in the end,” Sutherland said. 

However, the management style at the Fahrenheit Thirty-Two is a bit different from that of the Bill Millers.

“Management is pretty good, our manager actually manages 2 different locations; so basically he’s in and out of there, but he does a very good job sustaining both,” Sutherland said. 

Sociability and the making of new friendships can aid in passing the tiring work day.

“I love my coworkers, there’s no one that I hate working with. Of course you’re not gonna super super like everyone, but most of the people I work with I really really like. It makes my job fun, I look forward to working everyday,” Sutherland said. 

George Turner, who works at a different Fahrenheit 32 works with teenagers typically with four to six hour shifts.

“It’s really mainly 16 and 17 year olds, a lot of them,” Turner said. 

However, not every job will be a good fit for everyone. 

“You’re not going to get your dream job, or your perfect job on the first try, so maybe don’t get so disappointed when your application is not accepted or your interview gets rejected, it’s your first job. Everybody starts somewhere, so don’t be disappointed when you don’t get your dream job as your first job. Do your best, but don’t get discouraged. Coming from me, I had to put in nine applications before I got accepted anywhere, but then I love my job now,” Sutherland said.  

Some students decide to start a job over the summer instead of during the school year. 

“I’d say definitely start during the summer and stick with it. Because jobs can be very hard, and there are going to be times you don’t wanna come in; but just do it. There are gonna be mean people sure, but also some nice cool people. Start during summer so you can get the hang of it, and so during school you have all your job training done. Also know when you need to quit, and take your 2 weeks for school,” Colera said.

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A number of jobs open up around campus