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Worth it? Or Overrated? Netflix Christmas Edition

Lauryn Chavez | sports editor

Jingle Jangle

After a famous toy maker, Jeronicus Jangle, has all his work stolen by one of employees he loses his spirit in inventing, and refuses to create any new toys for Christmas. Throughout the years his employee, Gustafon, has been releasing all of Jeronicus’ toy inventions every year before Christmas. And with no proof to give to police, Jeronicus has his life torn apart and he becomes distant from his daughter after the passing of his wife. Decades later, his granddaughter Journey becomes an apprentice to him to help clean around his pawn shop when Jeronicus realizes they share the same knack for inventing. Jeronicus is faced with a problem: he is in mass debt and
he must invent something in order to keep his shop from being closed down by the bank. Journey finds Buddy 3000, a broken robot toy that she repairs. Gustafon talks to Journey tries to figure out what new invention they’re making because he is out of toys to release and can’t invent any or himself, but when Journey tells him there’s nothing they’re working on he isn’t pleased with her answer. Gustafon looks to steal their Buddy 3000 and mass produce it just in time before Christmas. 

Review: It was a very cute movie, and it’s very different from traditional Christmas movies. It is definitely worth watching.

Just Another Christmas

The Portuguese film “Just Another Christmas” follows Jorge, a man born on Christmas Day, yet he doesn’t care for the Holiday. But, when he gets married and has kids, he finds it hard to ignore the Holiday. It’s Christmas Eve and Jorge has the inconvenience of doing all the shopping for the day. He struggles all throughout the day: his AC shuts down, he can’t fit all the presents in his trunk, vendors keep bothering him, he makes a scene in the grocery store and accidentally knocks down a giant tower of fruit cake, only Christmas music is playing on the radio, his in-laws keep annoying him, and to top it all off, he has to pretend to be Santa for his kids and nieces this year. While he’s on the roof playing Santa he accidentally falls off and wakes up the next morning on Christmas Eve again, but it is one year in the future. Every day he wakes up again and it’s still Christmas Eve but a year later. Each day he is trying to figure out what will stop the cycle of him waking up on Christmas Eve.

Review: This movie was very funny, but you do have to read subtitles unless you prefer the english audio. It is a fun movie, but I wouldn’t watch it again.

A Very Country Christmas

Country Singer, Zane Gunther decides to run off from his tour and stay in his hometown to lay low from the public. Jeannette is an interior designer that is dressing up Zane’s house for selling. He didn’t know of this and they run into each other at the house. Jeannette is unaware he is a famous country singer. Zane is all over the news for dropping out of his concert and keeps getting calls from his agent to return back to tour. Jeannette and Zane both have to work on a Christmas play, and they deny feelings for each other but grow closer throughout the movie.

Review: It had a very bland and predictable storyline, and isn’t worth watching unless you enjoy Hallmark movies.


When Sloane, a very single daughter, keeps going to family events without a date, she faces judgement from her family. Her older sister is married with kids and even her little brother is engaged. Her mother keeps trying to set her up with different men, and even invites them to their holiday events. But when her aunt comes home with her boyfriend she explains to Sloane that he’s just her “holidate,” a date solely for holiday events with no commitment outside of the holidays. A few days after Christmas she tries to return clothes that her sister got her, but meets Jackson instead. They both have trouble with their returns at the store and they bond by competing over who had the worst Christmas. Sloane mentions her crazy aunt and the concept of the “holidate” and Jackson offers to be her holidate, but she turns it down just to call him right before New Years to be her plus one at a party. He offers to be her Valentines “holidate” but she declines. On Valentines day, she goes to the mall to pick out chocolates to eat by herself when she runs into her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. Thankfully, Jackson is at the mall too and saves Sloane from the awkward interaction. They continue to be each other’s “holidate” throughout the year and they both start catching feeling for each other, until they both got invited to a wedding and things got lost in translation and they both ended up bringing their own dates. Now, both upset with each other for bringing dates and they decide to break off their “holidate” relationship.

Review: This movie was definitely worth watching, it’s perfect if you’re in the mood for a funny Rom-Com.

The Christmas Chronicles 2

The sequel to Christmas Chronicles follows Katie Pierce, and her step-brother-to-be, Jack. Katie doesn’t enjoy the vacation because she doesn’t like her soon to be step-father, and she decides to run away back to Boston, and catches a shuttle that Jack sneaks on with her. But they are unexpectedly transported to the North Pole because of one of the elves who has turned against Christmas and is now creating new gadgets that accidentally transported Jack and Katie. Mr. and Mrs. Claus show them around the North Pole until the elf returns back to try and wreck Santa’s village. He eventually comes back to steal the Star that powers Santa’s village and poisons the other elves living there. The poisoned elves become crazed, and as Christmas comes closure they may not be able to deliver presents on time. Jack and Katie need to work with the Clause’s to help save Christmas.

Review: This movie was very cute, I would recommend watching them in order. This movie wasn’t as good as the first, but if you need a kid friendly movie to watch this is a great choice.

Movies Coming on Netflix in the next few weeks:

An Unremarkable Christmas, Home for Christmas, How to Ruin Christmas, A California Christmas, and A Trash Truck Christmas.


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Worth it? Or Overrated? Netflix Christmas Edition