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I tested viral TikTok Recipes


by Monica Smith | staff writer

TikTok is an app mostly used for posting short videos of trendy dancing, comedy, and singing. The bounds of content on TikTok are limitless and one of the more popular categories happens to be a thing attracting many users — food recipes. 

These food recipes on TikTok go viral for a reason. Whether it be a crazy combination of ingredients or a suspiciously simple recipe, they all seem to produce tasty results. So with a quick trip to the grocery store, I decided to try three recipes that have gone viral on TikTok. 

#1 Dalgona coffee 

Every single person who used TikTok during the beginning of quarantine would agree that this drink had everyone in their kitchen grabbing a whisk and a tablespoon of instant coffee. If the popularity surrounding this drink doesn’t sound promising enough; the colliding gradient of coffee and milk makes it even more appealing. The first time I tried making the coffee whip, I had high expectations for it to taste good. But as I brought the straw to my mouth and the coffee traveled to my tastebuds, I immediately winced at the bitter taste. As someone who prefers a sweeter beverage, this drink wasn’t exactly my cup of coffee. This drink would be perfect for someone who enjoys a drink with a sharp hint of coffee that still maintains a creamy consistency. 

So, throwing the scraps of my first attempt in the trash, I decided to modify the recipe. I kept the original recipe but added some cinnamon, a splash of vanilla extract, and an extra tablespoon of sugar. With just those three ingredients the coffee already tasted more flavorful and a bit like melted ice cream. 

Overall I would give this drink a 7/10. It tastes good but it also takes a lot of effort to prepare, especially the mixing part. If you don’t own a hand mixer, I would not recommend trying it; otherwise your wrist might fall off.   

#2 Jalapeño Takis and cream cheese 

I was the most nervous to try this recipe. Being someone who is sensitive to spicy foods, I already knew it wasn’t going to settle in my stomach well.  When preparing the food It’s important to make sure all of the jalapeno seeds are scooped out, because that’s what makes it really hot (unless you really like spicy foods — then leave the seeds). The first bite of it was surprising to say the least. The tangy lime from the Takis, the sweetness of the cream cheese, and the freshness from the raw jalapeno introduced a pleasant flavor combination. There was definitely a shock of spiciness, but it wasn’t an overwhelming flavor that burned my mouth or made my nose run. The crunch of the Takis and the creamy texture of the cream cheese is just an invitation for another bite. 

I would rate this a 9/10. Definitely a good snack to munch on, just make sure not to rub your eyes after eating it. 

#3 Oreo Mug Cake

I was the most skeptical about this recipe, mostly because there’s only two ingredients — Oreos and milk. The act of crushing four Oreos in a mug and mixing milk into it felt wrong — like it was something illegal. After taking it out of the microwave, the mixture surprisingly did look like it rose into a cake. With the first bite, it tasted more like a brownie brittle rather than a cake, but still just as good. It also wasn’t an overbearingly sweet dessert; it won’t hurt your teeth after and make you regret eating it. 

I would definitely recommend this to any Oreo lovers and rate it a 10/10.

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I tested viral TikTok Recipes