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Student favorites: movies and TV shows on streaming services


by Isai Carmona | staff writer

The future is now, thousands of movies and shows at one’s fingertips, allowing people to experience an endless landslide of entertainment. Streaming services create a surreal feeling of getting a bargain, but in reality, consumers are getting pick-pocketed. Although one has an immense number of movies and shows to choose from, services don’t exactly provide buyers with the best, sadly not everyone can discern from masterpiece and cheap laughs. Thankfully, Johnson has provided its students with experts in order to know what to watch next.

Voltron: Legendary DefenderSophomore Jacob Gooch recommends Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix. Although the series Power Rangers premiered its first episode in August,1993, Voltron: Legendary Defender came first in September, 1984. Voltron is an animated series set in space, where teenage kids use “quintessence” to power vehicles and magic. All in all, the young-lings work together in order to form a giant robot, Voltron, who they then use to defeat the evil Galra Empire.

Senior Isaiah McDew recommends Community on Netflix. Greendale, Colorado, a fictional, small town where a left for dead, disbarred, Jeff Winger goes back to community college in order to get his title back. In its simplest form, the show follows Jeff, a narcissistic fast talker, learning to humble himself around the, from his point of view, the lowest of mankind.Community

Junior Rain Antunes recommends Interstellar on Hulu. As most film critics would put it, Interstellar is best known as Christopher Nolan’s rendition of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Aside from this statement, this movie still manages to follow its own drum. Astronaut Cooper goes to space on mission to save humanity, after finding out earth is no longer habitable. In doing so, not only does he travel through wormholes, but also gets a taste of Einstein’s theory of relativity. Climatically, Cooper discovers secrets of the universe, which surprisingly are more fact than fiction.

Junior Joseph Hwang recommends Django Unchained on Netflix. With a jaw dropping performance from the main man, Jamie Foxx, and an Oscar winning performance from Christoph Waltz. Quentin Tarantino created his own fictional story of what life was like during the age of slavery in the US. In short terms, he not only raised awareness, but created an awe striking film of young man pairing up with a bounty hunter only to later on free his wife from slavery.

Sophomore Ella Vo recommends Friends on Hulu. One would think this show would have died off years ago but, like our good friend Tom Sawyer, people tend to find this show relatable. The six main characters in this series go through real problems, and always tend to do it together. Which in this case makes the message of the show so great: a true friend sticks closer than a brother. After all, it is one of the most loved TV shows of all time.Friends

Senior Blair Blount recommends Transformers on Hulu. From toys, to animation, to comic books, to video games, in the year 2007, Hasbro finally agreed to put the much loved action figures on the big screen. The story follows Sam Witwicky, who’s only choice is to join the auto-bots and save the world from total destruction. Although quirky at times, the story sets a good line between good and evil. With a budget of approximately $150 million, Michael Bay fails not at making these robots look real.

Senior Maya Sepulveda recommends Star Wars: A New Hope on Disney+. A long, long time ago, watching one of George Lucas’s masterpieces’ was considered, in a way, geek-ish. Now, everyone’s talking about them; therefore, arguably speaking, now’s the best time to watch them. For all the newbies out there, no one does not start at episode one. You start on episode five and sooner or later one finds out why there are such things as prequels. The story follows the life of Luke Skywalker, as he learns the way of the Jedi, while simultaneously tackling the duality of man. He achieves this with the help of his friends, wanted outcast, Han Solo, and princess Leia. This timeless classic lives on with its positive message and original plot line.

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Student favorites: movies and TV shows on streaming services