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‘The Walk’ best in 3D


by Cameron Tejeda | staff writer

The Walk is directed by Robert Zemeckis and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It tells the true life events of a man whose dream was to tie a rope in between the two towers of the World Trade Center, and walk across it in 1974. Yes, it is a true story. I think Robert Zemeckis has solidified himself as one of the greats after directing classics like Back to the Future, Forrest Gump and Cast Away. But just in case anyone doubted his ability, he makes another good film.

 Joseph Gordon-Levitt does a very good job as Philippe Petit, the tightrope walker with a daring dream, and the rest of the cast were solid enough to compliment him. The first half of the movie I thought was kind of boring at times. There were some pacing issues and it dragged a bit. But the second half of the movie is what everyone paid to see. I don’t usually like watching movies in 3D, but in this film’s case I thought it was a necessity. The 3D really added to the spectacular cinematography. I’m not a huge fan of heights, so this movie made me uneasy a few times. There are shots in the movie

-The Walkwhere it shows him looking down at his feet, and they are pretty suspenseful. The CGI in this film is really good as well. There wasn’t anything in the movie I pointed out and thought to myself was fake. The camera work enhanced the computer generated images to create really nerve wracking scenes when Petit was on the wire.

 The second half of this movie was intense and interesting. I don’t feel the first half can compare to it. Because of this, I really can’t see myself rewatching this movie over again, especially without the added bonus of the 3D that makes the movie so much more riveting.

 Overall, The Walk is a good film with a very intriguing true story that will unsettle anyone that is afraid of heights. I highly recommend you see it in IMAX 3D to get the best possible visual experience.

My Rating: B    

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‘The Walk’ best in 3D